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I believe only that people are adept at fooling themselves and that childlike curiosity has a very definitive means of infecting one's belief system. I do not believe in ghosts or anything paranormal, but if you do... well, you're wrong. Why are you wrong? Well, it's because you believe something with absolutely no basis in reality. So long as you can admit it is more likely a figment of your imagination than anything real, so be it. When you claim it is absolutely, 100% real, you need to provide proof or else you are no better than those who believe in flying, rainbow-trotting unicorns.
So, in short: Believe it if you want, just do not pretend it's actuality. So long as you can admit it is baseless, I have no reason to debate it with you.

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@HellBrendy said:

" @Mourne said:

" I love these people that pretend they don't pirate, ever. "

I don't. Never bothered understandig how to do it. It's easier to buy them at Steam.  "
See, that's a very sensible answer. You aren't pretending to be on this moral high horse but instead admitting you just don't know how and didn't bother learning. Though that doesn't account for music and movies, your post actually makes sense unlike some of the others. Steam didn't launch until the latter part of 2003, though, so it's hard to account for anything before that--and of course, that only covers PC (and now Mac) games. 

  @jams said:

"No, they are lacking Morales. I used to download off of Napster before Metallica sued them and made file sharing illegal. Once it became illegal I stopped.  "

Brilliant link, by the way; I actually laughed at that. I should note that it was illegal before the whole Metallica/Madonna thing--there just wasn't any precedent to reference for it. I can't say whether there's been any new legislation that's covered it (at a federal level, at least).
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@jams said:

"Needs to be repeated. People are seriously lacking in morales in these times. "

People are depressed often, are they? (I kid, just thought I'd live up to the "Grammar Nazi" title assigned by Styl3s)

As for morals, you have pirated music, games, or movies at some point; you know you have. People can pretend they haven't, but everyone here has--it's part of the culture for this segment of the internet. No one is defending piracy--people are merely making it clear that pretending you have not pirated is just attitudinizing to save face.



"This is a video game forum i come here to relax and talk, not to write reports, turn in papers etc.  Sorry i don't use PERFECT grammar on a video game forum while im relaxing by bad grammar nazi, go illegally download your movies, music and games. "

All you've really demonstrated is that your instinctual reaction to any sort of confrontation is to attempt to belittle others. Unfortunately, they're a little too conventional and surprisingly ineffective for someone who speaks with so much contempt. Your means of interacting with others does appear to be marginally juvenile, so I believe my question as to whether you are indeed a college graduate was fair enough (in addition to it being a focal point of one argument you posed earlier). I mean nothing personal by questioning your grammar; it just wasn't indicative of a college graduate (nor is your tendency to insult others by saying things such as, "Oh boo hoo" and "stop being a baby" for those that are not questioning you with any sort of venom). People mature at differing rates, I suppose. Maybe I just haven't met enough college graduates with that sort of outlook?
We've strayed quite a bit from the topic, but anyone reading really just needs to take note of the bottom line: Styl3s has never illegally downloaded or come into possession of any sort of illegal media, ever, to his claim. Music, movies, games, high-seas vessels--you name it, he's not guilty. He is also better than you for it, it would seem.
The funny thing is that I actually remember you, Styl3s. That is, unless there's another Styl3s out there who happens to post with the exact same grammar on another popular gaming website (the one I frequent most, in fact, and on which I have seen him post any number of times). What's weird is he's like a Bizarro version of the GiantBomb Styl3s as far as his take on piracy. I do apologize if it is not you, but it sure is a convenient coincidence, isn't it? Normally I wouldn't bother pointing this out, but if you're going to just insult everyone for something you are apparently guilty of yourself, why not?
Like anyone who is honest with themselves here: I have and do pirate music, movies, and games, but I also have and continue to buy music, movies, and games--a lot. I would almost be willing to guarantee that I own more Rock Band DLC than not just you but anyone in this topic.
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@Styl3s said:
"Oh boo hoo don't give me that hard to get a job bullshit, i had no problem getting a job while in college, and video games, movies etc. are not needed to live, they are not necessities, you can live without them, i would go without a game for a year, 2 years or however long it would take me to get it before stealing it, im sick of people making excuses of why they pirate, you may not have netflix/gamefly but you are going to tell me you don't have 1 rental store where you live? if not  learn how to goto school and work, i managed to keep a job, go to school and pay bills without a problem  all i hear from people who pirate are ignorant excuses, you cannot justify stealing, and spoiled? i lived in a small 2 bedroom house with 2 sisters and didn't get an allowance again you people try to justify your ignorant actions, go get a job and stop being a baby. "
You went to college? With that grammar? Did you graduate...?  (I mean no offense. I understand if you don't want to go into detail.)
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Brian Ashcraft is incredibly creepy; no doubt there.

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@Styl3s: Do they make you sick? Do you want to cause them physical harm? Do they make you annnggrryyy? These are people who may well buy just as many games and movies that you do. I can tell you're having difficulty coming to terms with the motivation behind piracy; as a hint, it is almost never about people being too impoverished to purchase the products. Thus, your little suggestions really don't make any sense.

Again, I ask you as well: Have you ever pirated anything? At all? Yeah, you have. I buy tons of games and movies (I even have double-dipped on a few special editions and re-bought upscales on Blu-ray; how dare I!), likely just as many if not more than you do. Disagreeing with the principle of talking down to others over something like piracy (that they, themselves, too are guilty of) is where I take offense, and thus my posts.
Also, labeling others as "worthless" and such says more about you than those you have chosen to condemn. Just a heads up.
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@blacklabeldomm said:

" @Mourne: yeah I bet it's real hard for someone like you to imagine that some people don't pirate anything. Why do you think music sucks nowadays? Why do you think movies are all going 3D? If people would actually pay to go see a movie instead of pirating it there would be no need for movies studios to do movies in this way...and why the fuck are you being so defensive all of a sudden? Feel bad about what you're doing? "

So, you contend that music "sucks" these days due to Napster & the music piracy scene that followed? Kind of funny, because without online exposure, many of those in the internet generation would have never got into the music that doesn't "suck" (generally considered to be the "good rock"). That's aside from how many people have decided to pick up instruments as a result of the large amounts of music now available to them, and those that become ardent fans of artists they would have never otherwise have heard. As a result, they may well buy that band's albums religiously--albums they would have never been exposed to in a million years otherwise.

Have you ever illegally downloaded music? Movies? A video game? If so, you have no right to be so condescending toward me or anyone else. You can pretend someone "like" me would have difficulty believing it, but I instead have difficulty believing that people actively avoid piracy at all costs out of the goodness of their hearts--because, quite frankly, they don't. I already know that you've illegally downloaded at least one song, one movie, or one game.  Sorry though, old chap; I don't feel bad for anything. If you always pretend that you don't pirate anything, though, then I do feel sorry for you. 
You can act as if the entertainment industry is imploding and that piracy is at fault, but people are still making music, people are still making films, people are still writing books, and people are still making video games. Interest in all means of entertainment is as high as it has ever been and considering box office records are shattered for any number of weeks throughout the year compared to the history books, I think the movie industry is doing just fine. People are still flocking to theaters, and that isn't going to change because of cams being readily-available--it's about more than that. These industries--particularly games and films--are absolutely booming even in the midst of a recession. Keep that in mind.
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@blacklabeldomm said:
"when you know people who work in the game industry you learn not to be a dick. "
I'm sure you've never pirated anything, in that case. I wonder where your bleeding heart is for the music industry or the film industry; you just need to befriend someone in the general arena to change your tune, eh? I get it.

@nail1080 said:
"No it's just that you're not meant to mention stuff like that on the forums, gives the site bad rep or some shit.  "
And that's absolutely fine; that doesn't mean everyone has to put up a front and pretend to scold others for something they are doing themselves. For those that aren't, I guarantee that the overwhelming majority of them would be all over it should they have the opportunity to do so (for consoles, specifically). Fortunately for the marketplace (for console piracy, at least), it isn't as easy as just downloading a patched game ala what one would do on the PC.
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I love these people that pretend they don't pirate, ever.

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@ZanzibarBreeze said:

"That's a very interesting question. I'll refer back to the lawmakers. If that video is declared fair under the First Amendment, then I believe it should stay up. I'm not familiar with this particular case, however. Do I support such a video? No, I don't. I think such a video is disgusting, just as crush videos are. But if they are legal under the First Amendment, then that's a very important thing, and it would be illegal to block them. Again, it would also set a dangerous precedent."

Let us clarify:  If YouTube declares that it is in poor taste and against their ToS, then it doesn't have to be hosted there. Sure, if it is legal, it can be posted elsewhere on the internet, but there's no reason to expect that a site such as YouTube must condone a video simply because it is legal. YouTube is in control of their site and if they do not want the video up, there is nothing--absolutely nothing--in the First Amendment that prevents them from taking it down. It is a private, non-state funded institution and unless the government seizes control of it, they can even take down your seemingly harmless videos of building treehouses if they'd like.

@Supermarius said: 

"This is not true. First off the internet is not the 51st american state and internet entities do not have to allow unlimited speech.  Further the US concept of freedom of speech is primarily the right to speak out against the government. Seditious or treasonous speech can be criminal. You can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater.  You also can't tell everyone about a company's trade secrets because it violates the rights they have to their intellectual property.  There are sensible limits to speech. So no, there's no trap."

This post is certainly worth quoting. People misunderstand their right to free speech being their right to say anything, anywhere, at any time, when--in reality--that simply is not the case (libel, for example). By purporting that the Constitution gives them the right to defy the laws of the land just because it benefits them personally in a given situation sets a fairly dangerous precedent, in my opinion--not that I'm saying anyone in this topic is guilty of it.
(And they aren't selling trade secrets by definition; just demonstrating poor journalistic ethic.)