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Well, I've always been for playing Don't Stop Believing by Journey in favor of overrated--you get the point. I do love this thread, though. It's tremendous. It's practically claiming everyone in America put it to a vote and this was the song that came out on top.

Oh, and while we're generalizing, good job at Stalingrad, bro.

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It really isn't about intelligence; some people have been conditioned to believe in the paranormal due to external factors. Very, very, very few people are skeptical from an early age--more likely, they are always searching for something interesting in their daily existences, and as children and youngsters, they are able to meld the idea of the paranormal into their usual routine fantasies. As we get older, most mature adults find a means of dispelling the paranormal (but not actively). The truth is, people are extremely good at fooling themselves--that's all there is to it. We want our occasionally-mundane days to be filled with the unknown because it is just that, it's exciting and completely unknown to us. Have you ever wondered why virtually every magician is an advocate of the anti-paranormal? It's simply because magicians know better than anyone not how people are fooled, but how people fool themselves.

That said, anyone who holds an active belief in the paranormal beyond their mid-20s is not intellectually sound. That does not mean they are not smart or that they are dumb, it merely means that they are unable to contemplate the subject from an uncompromising intellectual position. This can result from many things, most commonly social conditioning and--especially--tradition itself.  (Controversially, this also applies to religion, but that's a different debate.)

For anyone here who does believe in the paranormal, there's a million dollars in it if you can find evidence for it. The challenge has been in place since 1964 with mounting amounts of money on-hand and has tested hundreds of applicants, and yet, somehow, no one has ever been able to proceed past the very first round. In fact, such tests are available in all areas of the world and yet still these psychics and ghost hunters and purporters of the paranormal have never once been able to win one. Hmm!

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@Loghorn said:
"I suggest that you read this link here: Niitsuma Interview here. He says he feels non E3 builds will be more MvC2-like.  "
Already read him expressing those sentiments, but how does that help your argument any? What that actually proves is that the game really is like Tatsunoko vs. Capcom right now as a result of that being the basis, and the more time spent developing it, the further away it will get from that.
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@Loghorn said:
" @Mourne said:

" The game is built on the TvC technology, and those that have played it have commented on the two both playing very simply. "

 No, it isn't. "
Try to convince yourself all you'd like, but this game is based on Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and then molded into a 3v3 fighter with Marvel replacing Tatsunoko. If you can't tell by observing, you're just fooling yourself. Capcom (and s-kill) know that TvC isn't a serious fighting game on par with MvC2 and want MvC3 to be distanced from it while aiming it at the old core fighting market. It has been upgraded, but it is still using the same basic technology after having been ported to MT.
I only hope that the game does become as far removed from the game it came from (yeah, TvC) by the time it is released. MvC2 was too fun of a game to be tarnished by being associated with the far, far inferior TvC. 
For both our sake, I really hope it ends up as "Marvel vs. Capcom 3" and not "Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Less Tatsunoko, More Marvel".
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The game is built on the TvC technology, and those that have played it have commented on the two both playing very simply.

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Yet another instance of Sony not thinking things through. By putting so much emphasis on this yearly subscription and touting all that they can do with it, they are unintentionally nodding to Microsoft with a, "Hey, you were right."
The downside of this for anyone who buys into this nonsense is that Sony won't be improving the one thing the PS3 really needs to tune desperately (by comparison)--online play.

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Why do they keep harping on the comedy angle? Literally all of the press material for it so far is focusing on the wacky aspect of the weapons and how zany it all is. Case Zero had the first glimpse of anything even remotely serious and it was actually nice, but they're still playing up the 'comic' side of this. Is this a way of pre-empting people who think this follow-up to a very serious game is campy and the like?

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Allllll riiggghty.

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Should be "SakanaAction".

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Due to the outrage, she'll be back next year and better than ever.
In all honesty, though; that bombcast was awful. I couldn't listen to it for more than a few minutes. It was a travesty to the ears and had people speaking and yelling over one another like it was a Yankees game.