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" First of all, I don't think you could get 4 people in front of Kinect and a TV with enough room to move around in the first place.  You would need nearly 20 feet to move your arms around and not be hitting people.  Second of all, there is this concept called taking turns.  Do 4 people play Wii golf at the same time?  "
The hero has spoken. All hail.
In all seriousness, this is exactly right. It's much more likely that you would take turns in pairs of 2 if anything, just because that actually makes sense.
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@VilhelmNielsen said:
" Tell her you can't prevent destiny, and that the break up is your motive for killing her. Then go to a strip club for breakfast. "
This is such an amazing post. It's such a crux for the whole psychic angle because, in essence, the existence of the psychic caused the murder... The irony!
That said, psychics and the supernatural are indeed bullshit and maybe it's time for her to get a more worldly perspective on things.
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I guarantee the 3DS will be hacked and capable of running pirated games within three months of reaching global release.

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I was expecting something with a little more substance. Just looked like the same old FPS formula without the finesse of some of the other marque titles (Killzone 2 suffered from an issue much the same). The game doesn't seem to promote any sort of strategy whatsoever and appears to be pure run-and-gun on top of jetpack-and-gun. Seeing someone demoing the game and yet getting shot so often while just strafing left and right with nondescript and unremarkable weaponry--I dunno, it just didn't appeal to me.
I understand PS3 owners are looking for a defining shooter on the console and are willing to accept subpar experiences like that offered by Killzone 2, but there must be better shooters coming to the system. It's capable of more, and I would suggest keeping your standards high if you want to see something greater that isn't 3rd party.

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Looks worse--much worse. He also sounds like he's from a C-grade budget title, making it seem like a totally uninspired package so far.

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@Ace829 said:
" @marrec said:
" Sensationalist reporting through and through, at least nobody listens to anything that they have to say... right? "
Most video game journalism is sensationalist. Even the GB guys. "
Not this bad. At least the core GiantBomb crew have some common sense. If Ryan, Jeff, Vinny, or Brad ever do pick up a 360 while it's in motion and then try to put the blame on the system for scratching the disk, I will gladly go back on my sentiments here.
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@MeatXbeatsXman said:
" Is it just me or did that feel like 90% commercials? "
Not alone.
Was a better showing than last year, aside from the endless stream of montages. It didn't help the whole "I feel like I'm being forced to watch an actual commercial" feeling when they literally showcased two 'rough cuts' of the upcoming ad campaign. Are we really destined to sit through actual upstart ad campaigns from here on out?
Killzone 3 looks awfully unremarkable I have to say, but Sorcery seemed interesting unlike the others shown. It seems to be the only one nearly worth the $40 price point, and even at that it doesn't seem like it will have the length to justify it--let's just hope the spell novelty doesn't wear off early, if so. Final Fantasy XIV is as dull as it's ever looked, and I really hope Square isn't putting too many resources into what will inevitably be another underwhelming MMO from their studios. "Heroes on the Move" (thank goodness that's a working title) looked really gimmicky with that instant-follow camera--I imagine that will be a recurring theme for many of the adventure Move games.

InFamous 2 looked a whole lot like the original, but at least we finally have a release date for Gran Turismo 5. Unfortunately, it is going to take some massive sales for that to recoup the development budget after all this time wasted on investing in so many meaningless features. 3D is still irrelevant, no matter how many games they try to put it on to entice us to be interested.

That $49.99 price point for a yearly subscription to PSN sounds familiar... almost like if there was something equatable to Trophies...
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@gike987 said:

" @Ineedaname said:

" @WinterSnowblind said:
" Why not?  The system appears to surpass the PSP graphically, and the new analogue slider should make controlling it far easier. "
What are you basing that graphics part on? "
The Kid Icarus gameplay. "
I've been very critical of the PSP over the years, and still think it's an absolute failure of a portable gaming device that did nothing to capitalize on the idea of mobility whatsoever. However, that Kid Icarus gameplay footage only looked marginally better than the current DS unless I was not perceiving it as you were.
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I really hate to see technical errors during live demonstrations, I really do--except this wasn't "interference". This was the Wii.
Everyone has had it happen, when the Wii loses track of the Wiimote in its sensor's comfort zone. Miyamoto was just the latest victim.

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 Of course they're already on the disc. Ever noticed how all of the costumes are immediately available when you play online against someone who has one in-use? You aren't downloading those during the loading screen. Promise.
This is just what Capcom is doing these days, and it's turning a good profit for them--it is what it is.