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Hobbies said:
"That probably all depends on if your scores will carry over to RB 2, which I sure as hell hope they do."
 I was just about to bring that up. I'm kind of hoping they don't forget about this, but it won't be such a big deal in the end (only care for a few DLC scores I like to keep track of).

As for the characters, it's OK either way, really. Since your characters can now play all instruments, there may be issues there.

The biggest problem with this would be the fact that Rock Band 1 will still need its character data. The new costumes and such from Rock Band 2 will overwrite the original ones, so it wouldn't make much sense to let the game be able to take those characters and write back and forth like that. There are obvious workarounds, sure, but... I'm not convinced it's worth their effort in the end.
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Well, I personally won't mind changing discs at all. Nothing new there--been doing it for more than a decade now. It'll be a nice throwback that shouldn't affect the game at all.

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You really haven't heard most of those? I figured you'd know quite a few 'em, but I guess that's just how it works out sometimes. My guess would be you just don't recognize them from the titles. Check out this playlist where you can play all of the songs in full, via quick-loading streams. Maybe that'll help you out a bit.

Personally, I absolutely -love- the setlist, and I have only not heard a handful of them. There's a great mixture here of literally every rock genre and every decade, so I think everyone will be content in the end.

I have to say that I feel a bit guilty saying I will be playing Eye of the Tiger non-stop with my friends. Absolute perfect choice for the game.

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I absolutely wish I had $300 to throw down on them, but alas, I don't.

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I saw that Testify video and was like, "Holy ****, they really have fixed them" because that guy was nailing every single phrase. Even if that were on Easy on Rock Band 1, he still wouldn't have gotten them all.

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I quit playing not long after it came out. It was an interesting diversion, but it simply paled too much in comparison to the stellar single player to keep me interested for too long.

Now that Rockstar's got their feet wet with a full-scale online multiplayer mode for consoles, maybe the next GTA will have something of a more robust nature.

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From what I gather:

Giant Bomb was designed by Whiskey Media with the framework they created for Comic Vine.

It's not a network or anything like that, according to the team--just connected by the same design team.

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Electric Crown, too? That's great.

And yeah, (some/all of) the Madden OST is coming eventually--just dunno how long they'll put that off. It could go all the way back to September, who knows? Madden comes out in like two weeks, and it'd sure be a nice cross promotion if they got it all together on time.

There are a ton of rap songs on there, but I'm pretty excited about some of the remaining tracks.

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Happy Birthday, GiantBomb <3

I shall be a GiantBomb fanboy from this day on. Live and breathe!

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Well, let's just say I'm on my way to change to "orange."