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Maybe if Blade Arcus from Shining does well a fire emblem fighter could be more possible.

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  • Shovel Knight
  • Mario Kart 8
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mario, pokemon, fallout, spelunky, etc

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Looks like a fun evo to me big hopes for next year for a lot of new games.

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@jinx1 said:

I was a little surprised this is coming out with no word on pokemon Z.

Looking at the past generations Z or X2/Y2 will be either be late/end 2015 or early/mid 2016.

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It leads me to believe that this remake will be like silver, so you can travel to the kalos region when you beat the game.

Most likely just a remake of R/S with some of the Emerald stuff peppered in.

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  • More to the Secret Bases (more locations/stuff and maybe some wifi/street pass functionality)
  • More clothing for the player trainers (maybe past trainer outfits and npc outfits)
  • More mega evo's for UU/NU tier pokemon less for OU/Uber tier pokemons
  • Battle Tents as timed (maybe 2 times a week) events
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Lunar 1 & 2, Einhänder, Chocobo Racing, Valkyrie Profile, Wild Arms, Pocket Fighter

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Agreed 1000% after listening to the latest bombcast I felt I had missed some kind of intro videos for the new guys.

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arent there a few of these types of services? a snack one and a more high end stuff one?