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Pokemon ORAS and/or Smash WiiU

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Princess Crown
Digimon Adventure
Grand Knights History
More of the Sakura Taisen/Wars games

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Odin Sphere
Shovel Knight
Muramasa the Demon Blade
Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

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I wonder if nintendo keeps region locking the hardware do to some outdated/bs laws in one of the regions about kids toys.

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Super Smash WiiU
Pokemon OR/AS
Shovel Knight

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@bradbrains said:

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@justicejanitor said:

I just want them to stop insulting me and calling me a sexist nerd and perpetrating stereotypes because I enjoy video games. I had enough of that in high school.

THIS x2!

very few are actually doing that. If you are not doing those things or supporting those who do they are not talking about you. taking these kind of things personal or making them about you is what started a lot of the craziness in the first place.

I think your 100% right I need to try harder to ignore a lot of this.

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