Trying out Etrain Oddysey Demo

Well as far as it goes, what i do like so far, based on the demo alone, seems to be the music. As much as i'm told that it's rather short, i like the orchestration of it. The gameplay itself, having never played an etrian oddysey game, feels like a Shin Megami Tensei game, moreso like Soul Hackers with that kind of dungeon crawling. The battles themselves also add to that feeling, having picked out your turns, the battle ensues. It doesn't appear hard at first, but i feel as though this would be MUCH harder later on if this were the full game. Alas, this was a demo. The Voice Acting was decent and good (lip-synching could've been closer) and the scrip seems to be good for what they were trying to tell me, considering this on;y had a part of the game.

Either way, it was interesting to play and i might consider getting a copy.

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