Spending My Coin - 1st Quarter, 2011

As the games wane down from 2010, I can stash away a little coin for the new year (outside of buying presents). I thought I would throw together a list of which games are most likely getting my rupees from January through March. 

 January 4, 2011 - Two Worlds II - 360 


I'll admit, I never played the first game. Reviews ranged from mediocre to horrible, although it had cult followings on <insert your favorite forum>. I played the hell out of Oblivion though, which closely resembled Two Worlds. In fact, Oblivion was probably my most played console game, possibly of all time. I think I logged somewhere around 160 hours. This is what solely draws me to Two Worlds II. I'm hoping it gives me my fantasy huge open-world fix until the next Elder Scrolls game.  This is all pending reviews, and reviews so far (it is released in some parts of Europe) are favorable, but on the lower side of favorable.  

January 5, 2011 - Ghost Trick - DS




A quirky detective game in which you find out who your killer is. It looks supremely unique and the animation is top-notch. I'm looking forward to charging up my DS in 2011 for this one. 
January 25, 2011 - Dead Space 2 - 360




The first game was both an incredible feat in both atomosphere and gameplay and I'm more than looking forward to the second one. One of my favorite games of 2009. Hopefully the end boss will fit a little better with the atmosphere and story this time. 

 February 15, 2011 - Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Pretty Visuals - 360 


Nothing says Valentines Day like kicking my wife out of the Family Room to play a game where comic and video game characters beat the flashing lights and pretty colors out of each other. What can I say, I'm a romantic. I also don't have the time to memorize cancel moves and 30-string button combinations to see cool things happen on-screen. I'd rather jump in, mash buttons and produce amazing vizuals in a matter of minutes rather than weeks. 
February 22, 2011 - Bulletstorm - 360



So judging by the videos and trailers coming out of E3, I was expecting some kind of award for this game, so that has me a bit worried, but everything I've seen during and since then spells FUN to me. Over the top action, points for kills and combinations and self awareness like Serious Sam had, I'm hoping this one shapes up to be a great game. 

February 22, 2011 - Killzone 3 - PS3

Alright, I'll be honest. I played about 2 levels of Killzone 2 before calling it quits. I just felt the control was too muddy, like my in-game player was covered in a lump of heavy molassas. Coming from the loose run and gun of Halo and the snappiness of Modern Warfare, this felt just so...heavy. I'm hoping Killzone 3 changes my mind on Killzone in general and I like it. This one is definitley a wait and see. 

March 1, 2011 - Mortal Kombat - 360

I used to love me some Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat 2 being the highlight of all things MK. Everything so far has looked great for this, and I'm looking forward to breaking some bones in all of their x-rayed glory as well as ripping throats, slicing limbs and burning flesh when the dark screen prompts me to input my button combination to do so. It's been far too long since a great MK. 

March 2, 2011 - Okamiden - DS

Okami was the best non-Zelda Zelda-like game I had played since Majora's Mask. I'm looking forward to seeing how it fares on the DS! 
March 8, 2011 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 360
I'm definitely on the hype-train for this one. Although I whole-heartedly dislike the Pittsburg Steelers, I'm willing to put my hatred aside to immerse myself into this gold and black world. Everything for this game has looked amazing. We'll see if it actually comes out on the 8th of March.

March 8, 2011 - Dragon Age II 

The first Dragon Age was a wonderful story with varying branches that the player could alter themselves by choosing their own destiny...or at least, that's what I hear. I love the fantasy genre, but after starting this game over twice and getting about 2 hours in, I could not bring myself to play any further. The combat was clunky on the consoles and the graphics were comparable to a PS2 game with better smoothing. Since this one is more tailor-made for the consoles, I'm very-much looking to squash the bad taste the first one left in my mouth. 
March 21, 2011 - Dungeon Siege III - 360
I loved the first one for PC, but never played the expansions or the second game. I'm looking forward to delving into another Diablo-clone to fulfill my loot-drop appetite after Torchlight and before Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3.  This probably won't come out on March 21 though.

 March 22, 2011 - Crysis 2 - 360 
 The first one was, well, revolutionary for its time - if you had the PC to run it. I'm curious to see if they can trump graphical innovation in the first game with action-packed gameplay to match in the second game. 
March 30, 2011 - Child of Eden - 360/Kinect
Will I not regret buying a Kinect for this? Probably not. 

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