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I'm at a complete loss... This is very sad. RIP Ryan.

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I love the talent going to the new site, but I'm concerned with the "tech" that Brian Crecente talks about in his farewell blog. The site looks like another blog site, like Kotaku or Joystiq. While there is no problem with the blog site format, there is enough of that around the internet already. I love the interactivity and the amount of videos directed at the user base on Giant Bomb and all the Whiskey Media sites. Like many have said before me, I'll stick with Giant Bomb!

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@JoeyRavn: THANK YOU!!! Your hints for 3 and 9 gave me the last two I needed.

BTW, the last hint you need is like #7. The second most famous Ryu in his original debut.

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I have 8 for Day 10... Having a really hard time thinking of 2 more. Really thought the original TMNT game for NES would be on the list...

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28 days for mine to come back. The thing I still don't understand is how nobody is taking the blame for this. Both EA and Microsoft say it was due to a phishing scam, and because of FIFA's popularity, it makes striking easy. Here's the thing: I hate soccer. If the phishing scam was about FIFA, I wouldn't have even glanced at it. Secondly, I'm a Senior Systems Administrator. Not to toot my own horn, but I have never fallen for a phishing scam. Part of my job is to prevent them from getting into my client's emails. I always check the URL for a link I don't immediately recognize and compare it with DNS whois entries and their subsequent IP addresses to make sure I'm not falling into a trap. Someone is not telling the truth in this matter... *cough* EA *cough*

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It should be noted that they did finally fix the issue, after my threat of abandoning their company and them losing me as a customer. Funny how that works...

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My help request to Microsoft:

I recently received my account back from Microsoft after a lengthy investigation revolving around my Xbox LIVE account being compromised. Ever since I got the account and all of my money back, I have been unable to log into, Xbox LIVE, or any windows site requiring my Windows Live ID, including this site!

So here is my qualm with Microsoft. This very website tells me that I need to go to one of 2 sites when I receive the error in the subject. Both sites require a Windows Live ID to log in. How can I log in to get support if I can't log in because of the very problem with which I need support?

So rather than create a new Windows Live ID (pointless) I called the support line. I chose technical support for Windows Live. What was I told? That they cannot help me because it is not a hotmail account. That maybe I should contact google if my gmail account was blocked. I re-explained the situation that my gmail account is fine, but my Windows Live ID associated with the account is blocked. He repeated that he could not help me. I said there were multiple sites I couldn't log into, including x He said I should contact xbox support.

So I did. You know what Xbox support told me? That they couldn't help me. No f'ing s! He told me to contact Windows Live technical support. So this back and forth thing has been going on for 4 days now. I finally decided to create this second Windows Live account to be able to post a question. By the way, this is the second time I'm asking it, only this time I'm creating my own thread instead of piggy backing on someone else'. I am 1, count it, 1 step away from cancelling my Xbox LIVE account and getting a refund on my remaining time as a Gold member. I am tired of paying for a service and being treated like a 3rd rate citizen.

And this is why Sony is catching up and will eventually overtake Microsoft in the console battles. When the PSN network went down for a month, even though my account was not compromised, they gave me 4 free games (AAA titles, too!) in ADDITION to a free month of their extra paid PSN service. What does Microsoft do for me when my account IS compromised AND money stolen through my Xbox LIVE account? They take away my service for a month, give me a free month in return, and a swift kick in the gonads by locking my account so I STILL CAN'T PLAY! Sorry for devolving into a console/company war, but I am seriously pissed off at this situation.

So here is what I expect to happen. I expect someone to FINALLY unlock my account. I expect someone to actually contact me regarding this situation. If I am ignored through this coming week or my account isn't unlocked by then, I will be cancelling my Xbox LIVE account, getting a refund of all of my unused credits and months of Gold access, and will sell my 360 and games on ebay or amazon. I am sick of the way Microsoft has treated me when others will treat me like the multi-thousand dollar per year video game spender that I am.

Please, please, please, please fix my account!

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Been traipsing around the site all day and I just started getting a bunch of 500 errors. I have a couple of example error IDs:



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So... First PSN and now XBox Live. No matter what anyone tells you, nobody is completely safe from hacking attempts, XBox Live included. My account at XBox Live was hacked this morning. Motherfucker spent all of my Microsoft points (I had over 5000), and tried to charge more to my credit cards! Thank God all of those cards had expired. In the process of changing my password, I noticed some new things in my account. 15 gamerscore on FIFA 12 (anybody that knows me would know that I would NEVER play a soccer game... I hate soccer), and a new console ID attached to my account. Checked the XBox forums, I'm not the only one this has happened to. It's pretty widespread. Microsoft denies it, but when it's FIFA 12 every time... Come on... Think a little!

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