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Uncharted's weird. I'm normally able to disconnect the narrative and the gameplay of a game if it serves to keep both make sense, e.g., I'm willing to accept the violence in UC as a necessary gameplay concession even if it is at odds with nice guy Drake, PROVIDING the story doesn't make reference to it. Which it does at the end of two. So the only way I can read Uncharted now is that Drake is just the biggest fucking psychopath on the planet who's attempts to laugh off a situation are just overwhelmingly inappropriate.

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It's not a nervous tick. That's where the alien parasite-organism sits. He's not scratching his neck, he's soothing it into submission. If he didn't, it'd take control and force him to all kinds of weird shit.

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I'd love an Infinity game, don't know what it'd be to do the tabletop game justice though.

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@InternetCrab: Weapon upgrades, i.e. Predator I to Predator II are bought on the Normandy from a terminal to the left of the procurement interface, near the upgrade bench. Guns go up to mark V, and improve damage, accuracy and magazine capacity as they go

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Are you playing a soldier? If not, lose all but the essential weapons to minimize power recharge times. Second, you should really have upgraded those guns by now.... do you have an earlier save where you can play with your loadout a bit?

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That was actually pretty funny. Huh.

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More like Mini Caravella am I right?

Congrats Vinny! And Mrs. Vinny!

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You mean 'best' right? Like 'nudge nudge wink wink let's drink this PBR best' right?

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Tactically it's probably a tank, but even then that doesn't really apply anymore. Socially there isn't a good parallel either, unless you want to be cynical. Democracy and advancing technology put an end (by and large) to some rich twat on a horse charging down some peasants. One of the battles of the Hundred Years War saw hundred of French knights killed by regular Welsh longbowmen in a single failed charge, that was really a major turning point of armoured charges vs technology. The last major use of horseback cavalry in wartime was probably during WW1, where they were replaced by tanks after facing down too many machine guns, though now even tanks are facing the same problem vs anti tank weapons the size of a poster tube. Fact is there's no call for someone who is rich and martially skilled, a person of money nowadays who would want to be 'chivalrous' or 'virtuous' would, as has been said earlier, likely be a philanthropist or some such. We've replaced military heroes with sporting figures as role models in terms of respecting physical skill and technique.

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