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I was in bed, damn my tired eyes. Watched an archive of it though, a historic moment in the history of Brad doing really hard video game things.

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Oh raptors easy. Actual velociraptors were way smaller than in Jurassic Park. Came up to a dude's knee. They massively exaggerated the scariness of them in JP. Climb a tree, make a good club out of a branch, smack t' fuck out of 'em when you're ready.

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Congrats Scoops! Have a great day.

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Well that didn't work... Supposed to be an arrow pointing down... I feel shame.

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II II \. / \/

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''Did you spill my pint?''

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Guys guys guys stop, this thread has already been answered. It's the Q continuum. It's so much the Q continuum it'd be absurd to think otherwise.

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Fuck the price I ordered the collector's edition last night. £80 I can't afford but who caaaaaarrrrrreeeeeesssss.

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I usually go to manga for the art rather than the plot, so heres a few I like in particular. BE WARNED: the stories in these may make zero fucking sense.

  • Blame! is dialogue light and a little confusing, but the artist used to be an architect so the backgrounds are spectacular. Really creepy monster designs too. The art sells it.
  • Blade of the Immortal has great dialogue, beautiful pencils and the main character is an immortal samurai who carries like, 12 swords in his coat. There's a lot of it, though, and the books aren't cheap.
  • Bambie and her Pink Gun is weird, but I love it. It's almost nihilistically violent, but the art fucking kills and its got this tank girl-esque punk rock sensibility going through it. Think that there's only two volumes though, and it doesn't conclude. Probably dead.
  • Anything by Shirow Masamune is great providing you either avoid or can get past the porno he likes to put into everything these days. Just weird, oiled up ladies with torpedo boobs. Creepy.