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First anyone that says the first KZ wasn't that good (review scores say otherwise) and why should we care about the 2nd, um there are plenty of games that were only OK in their 1st incarnation and flipped the switch on the sequel and became awesome ex. Streetfighter 1 = not so good, the sequel became a phenomenum.  

With that being said the Demo comes from gamestop for preordering or you can get clothes for my Home avatar for preordering from Amazon. Neither preorder deal is all that inticing to me.

I will probably go with Amazon just because I have $10 off my next game which came with my preorder of Valkyria Chronicles.

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I will miss the 1UP podcasts.

Good luck to those that lost their jobs. Maybe some of them could pop up on Giantbomb :)

1UP is dead to me now. Thank UGO.

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I can agree with SumoX on some of his points, but there is no comparison between Vakyria Chronicles and Operation Darkness: 3K, Zoids Assault: 8K. Valkyria is a good. The latter 2, not so much.

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I tried out the hotswap Singstar feature last night and it worked well. I purchased Singstar Pop several months ago in anticipation of this feature. Yesterday, I finally pulled off the shrinkwrap off the game and  played it.   :)

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Santa out is free.

I would have purchased this pack if it came out sooner. I am still working on redoing my 1st level. There is no way I will have a second level up before Christmas. I'm not that good :(

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I had been tracking this game since it was first announced. I enjoyed the demo and now have the game under my Christmas tree so to speak. ( I have it just can't play it yet )

I think it is sad that more people are not picking up this game. I'm guessing that SRPGs like this one are too niche for the Playstation 3 Market. Sega needs to port this game to the 360. If PS3 owners are choosing to ignore such an awesome game, put it on the 360 (RPG land).

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I wish that Sony would allow for Netflix to stream to the PS3.

At least I can watch Hulu through the browser :)

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The move by Sony was to be expected. Does anyone actually expect Sony and Microsoft to actually play nice together?
I'm sure MS will drop the $$$ to have the Sony movies streaming on 360s in no time. Or maybe it will be the leverage Sony needs to get Netflix on the PS3. Eitherway, it's business which isn't alway the best for consumers. And why would Sony care about the 360 consumer (unless the 360 owner has a PS3 and in that case should be asking Sony where is the Netflix deal for the PS3)?

If I were a 360 owner I would be upset, but this is something MS should have seen coming and could have been prevented by striking a deal prior to launch of NXE. The ball is in MS court. If they care about the 360 owners, they will do whatever they can to reach an agreement with Sony and Netflix.

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Star Wars Force Unleashed after that Little Big Planet & Valkyria Chronicles.


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I will wait and see which is better and has the better song list. Right now I have GH III so I am leaning to GH so that I can do 4 player.

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