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did anybody read the comic with the link i sent

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Awesome, I'm a frequent comic reader and I usually dismiss all of the movie/game tie-in comics that come out. Glad to see that this one is great, the art looks top-notch as well. Thanks for the recommendation!

no problem

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Issue 9 happened last week.It was the last issue for the comic.If you haven't read the comics lately,I'll sum it up for you.Joker blew up Metropolis which was Superman's hometown and tricked him into killing his pregnant wife.Millions of people died and Superman went mad.He killed The Joker brutally in front of Batman by punching him in the gutz.

Superman decided to take a more progressive role for the world.He's now actively hunting criminals,even of important people.He humiliated the middle-east president and took him to jail.He doesn't care if you're important or not,killing is bad.He doesn't obey the world's law and doesn't care.

Everybody is scared of him but the world is so peaceful.Alliances were made and he has Wonder Woman and the Justice League on his side.Batman thinks what Superman is doing is wrong and is at odds with him.He wants to take down Superman and that's what the game is about.

If you wanna read it,here's the youtube link.

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Had played since 2007 and not continuously.

What year did u guys start?

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@HaltIamReptar said:

What exactly would a Runescape movie be about? I played the game years ago, and I can't recall there being any discernible through line.

The game does have side stories,there were even 3 novels on the game.

If I were to make the film,here's what I would make it be like.The tone of the film would be light-hearted,funny, and adventurous. Runescape isn't really a serious game.I don't have a story in mind but it would have some characters based off Runescape. I would have some easter eggs and cameos only Runescape players would understand.

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The film should be 2 hours of a player runecrafting, at the end of which he levels from 58 to 59.

lol that's the best idea ever

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two brothers journey in runescape and stuff

And the next thing they know... they are IN the game!!!!


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two brothers journey in runescape and stuff

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There's going to be a World of Warcraft film.What are the chances of there being a Runescape film?Whether the film will be good or not is not the question.Hollywood doesn't give a ****.They only care that the game has a large fanbase and will go see it.Runescape has a huge fanbase,what are the chances of a Runescape film?

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Where is my Runescape movie?