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I used to play a lot of cod4 and I can easily get 40 kills with 5 deaths.I got so bored because it's too easy.I sometimes don't even feel like trying anymore after 10 kills.I haven't bother to patch the game and there's one sever I play that has a lot of people with low ping.It's this server which plays Crossfire 24/7..Anybody got bored of this game because they were too good?

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Silent Protagonist are in games because they can be whatever personality you want them to be.

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I was at my friends home and I wanted to play this game online.There was rarely anybody playing the PS3 online.I was disappointed.PC Call Of Duty 4 still have a shit ton of severs despite the game coming out years ago.

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I don't really like Global Offensive.

When I walked into my friend playing it, I thought he was playing Battlefield.

I know some people who like 1.6 much better than Source.

Anybody like Source over GO?

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i still play call of duty 4 to this date.I liked WAW.I saw MW2,MW3, and Black Ops.I wasn't very impressed on how little the games changes were.I mean we didn't need the other COD games, a patch for loads for content for 25$ would had done fine.

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Gina Carano as Chell?

MMA Fighter/Actress/Fitness Model

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IF there ever was a portal movie, who should play her?

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It's very simple.I play video games or just read a book.

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Batman's neck is kinda awkward.I don't know if I turn my neck way past my shoulder.

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over 13" tall

Comes with 3 exclusive Batman,Superman,Wonder Woman Skins for the video game

oh yea it cost 99 dollars.