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I don't care what anybody is saying but I'm getting this!


Of course,I'll check of it's good or not.

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What's a steam box?

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The graphics looks decent

It's pretty small and convenient.

A person is pretty much getting this to support Indie games and wanting to play them.I haven't been playing video games that much and I might get back into it because of the Ouya.

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This thread is for making up your own party members for Left For Dead.You can make you your own character for left for dead.There's no rules.Have fun =p

First Character: Her name is Rylan.She's age 28 and she's a secret agent.She's quiet and not very talkative and is observant,cold and calculating.Her weird quirk is that she likes to sing so she can balance out her tough exterior . She's very good with guns and weapons.Her weapon of choice is a sword.

Second Character: Lena

As a kid,she was into throwing knives.She spent her time in the woods throwing knives at trees and sometimes even small animals.Her dad taught her to be a survivalist and became good with a bow.

When the zombie apocalypse happen,she fled into the woods and was alone.She held her own by living off the land.She's stubborn,headstrong,selfish but self-sacrificing.

Third Character: Guy

He is 32 and is a police officer.On a police duty, he was chasing a criminal but Guy got shot by in the head.He passed out and woke up in a stranger's house.He has no memory of who is he is.The bullet did a damage to him but he can still think and run well.It's strange because he knows what a hamburger is but he can't recall who he is.

He is a good leader and he always think 4 steps ahead of everybody.He leads this team and makes good use of their skills well.He is pretty decent with a gun

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@TheSouthernDandy said:

I've never liked "gamer" for some reason. "video gamer" makes me wanna kick something.

How about video-players?It would be akin to book readers or movie watchers.

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>Was taking Art Class for school

>Teacher was talking about mythology creatures

>She said,"I knew some of you are video-gamers around and you might have seen these."

What does it mean to be a video-gamer?

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The Tomb Raiders games were campy and so was Duke Nukem.Shooting raptors with desert eagles or just saying cheezy lines all the time.The characters were fun despite having little depth.Should Duke Nukem get rebooted and turn more serious like Tomb Raider did?

Instead of being fun and campy person why know today, he is a serious 18 year old teenager that got enrolled into a space academy.He's cold, calculating and serious.He fights against alien monsters in space and kills them.It would be like a horror space movie.Horror space movies are so scary for me.


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Forgive me ignorance, but I believe she's an Amazon correct? I like that angle. In the videos for Injustice you see her with other female warriors and I think that would be pretty badass to fight with an all female unit. A hack and slash type game with a crew alongside you at all times would be awesome, kind of like the Warriors with swords or something.

yea she's an amazon

hack and slash would be interesting.