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I did the config file tweak to get the frame rate higher and the game's been running solid on an overclocked gtx 970. I did notice a little stutter in the first cutscene but things have run fine, maybe an occasional hiccup while driving but I don't think I'm having the seemingly catastrophic issues other pc owners are having. I also have a 5+ year old first gen i5 750 CPU so...go figure.

Only played maybe 2 hours so far but it seems like it will be a fine game, I've always wanted to drive the batmobile in a game so that fanboyism is overriding any clunkiness about it :) I mean the first time I called the bat mobile after the tutorial it came barreling through a road divider and just looked badass!

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1-3 are fantastic, unless I missed it I don't think anyone's commented on 2 having a fantastic soundtrack (subjectively one of my fave game soundtracks of all time). SH1 actually has a dark, more violent tone and story in my opinion and is very scary because of how dark and sprawling the world is. SH2 just looks amazing and still holds up so well visually, gameplay just a bit bleh. I think you need to play SH1 to truly appreciate the story of SH3; it's a great game too but the story is perhaps more convoluted than 1 and 2 while also not being particularly interesting to me. Also, SH3 marked the beginning of them trying to add more "combat" to the series and so you end up fighting alot more enemies in 3 which is very much not the strong suit of the series; this makes for a more laborious play through experience if you ask me compared to 1-2.

I'm happy to join the chorus of folks saying to play 1-3, with SH2 taking the cake for a variety of reasons personally.

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@ofx360: At the end of the first level you see yourself being dragged away with your arm lying dismembered on the ground next to you so I think you were already supposed to be aware your arm was gone, but I agree I'm not sure they were hoping for the player to actually feel anything.

Just a way of showing that the character you were playing as felt something...which makes it even more baffling that your character is mute during gameplay. Why try to make him appear human by placing his hand on a coffin and then immediately have him turn around and have a 1-way conversation with Kevin Spacy?

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Hope it's working now, memtest would be a good next step in your diagnosis; I was having blue screen issues once I installed some new ram and tried many other things to avoid having to do memtest but soon as I ran it sure enough one of the sticks was whack.

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@bishop113: I see what you mean, throughout the game you get used to Ellie kind of pushing the issue and not just taking everyone at their word so the game ends leaving you wondering if she would push the issue some more. Whether she believes his lie or not, you still kind of expect her to press for more details. I guess they decided to end it there so the player can speculate about what could happen next.

Do they walk down to town and continue to develop and foster this surrogate father/daughter relationship? Or does Ellie bring the whole thing up again 5 minutes after the credits start rolling as they are walking down towards the town? =D

If there is never a sequel to answer any questions, then you can always imagine that like 10-15 years down the line Ellie brings it up and maybe Joel tells her what really happens and.....???

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I just played RE 1-3 back to back for a charity thing last weekend and I think 2 and 3 hold up great. In fact RE 2 is one of my favorite games of all time! RE 1 is pretty damn rough, but as others have said it has the SOLID GOLD voice acting to support it. RE 2-3 dialogue can't hold a candle to what RE 1 does. I'm a huge fan of the original RE games so I'm biased though :)

Regarding silent hill I'd argue that they have never been fun to play from a gameplay perspective but they are absolutely wonderful and amazing games for their music, atmosphere, sound, etc. The first 3 Silent hills are each fantastic for their own reasons, and SH 2 is still the holy grail that studios have tried finding in all subsequent games in the series. I think playing the SH games on easy mode is a perfectly viable way to experience that series, and this is coming from someone who has beaten 1-3 multiple times each for the endings.

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@bishop113: I'll play devil's advocate to you and ask, who says Ellie believed Joel's lie? Just because she says "OK" doesn't mean she can't be lying too. In fact as you pointed out, after all their time together it's very probable she knows he's lying. Furthermore, the game has proven her shrewd enough to know that if Joel says it didn't work out at the hospital, SOMETHING must have been wrong with the fireflies, even if he lied about the specifics. She would have to know that he was trying to protect her, regardless of if he tells her the truth. She woke up in a surgery gown so hopefully she has reached some conclusions on her own (but maybe I'm giving her too much credit).

In addition, Ellie has just confessed her guilt over her friend dying from a bite while she (Ellie) survived. This late game revelation is there for a reason, and I think it's trying to suggest how guilty she could be knowing she could have cured humanity but it didn't happen. A previous poster in this thread said it best that Joel lying to her COULD, COULD be his way of telling her that it's not her fault if no cure is ever found and that they don't ever need to talk about what happened again. Joel does not lay humanities fate at her feet and say "Yeah I lied sorry you really could have been the cure but I fucking shot all those doctors so..." =D

Ellie saying "OK" doesn't have to mean that she believes Joel when he said there were dozens of others and the cure didn't work could simply mean she is acknowledging that some shit went down and that the past is the past. Just a thought, I hope you get what I was saying as I think it makes a much more plausible (and thoughtful) end to believe that there is a mutual understanding between Joel and Ellie rather than Ellie blindly accepting his lie (which as you said is kinda hard to accept!)

From reading many (not all) of the posts in the thread it's great how everyone really seems to enjoy the game as a whole and the ending is really challenging people's expectations for what they hoped for and wanted from the ending! Halfway through the game I told myself that if both these characters survived I would be shocked and consider it a happy ending, and like so many others I'm not sure I feel that is what I got by the end! Great game :)

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We just passed $1,000 in donations that is amazing for our little effort thanks everyone! Still a few hours left to go so check it out!

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Ok I'm back to finish resident evil 3 guys, thanks for everyone who watched yesterday we had 150 viewers and plenty of nice donations!

Follow link in the original post to see our site and my RE stream will be at the bottom of the page. hope to see you there.

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Thanks I really appreciate the kind words :)

Thanks also to everyone who watched the Resident Evil marathon sorry I couldn't quite get through 3 in my allotted time but I will return and finish the job soon. That was a lot of fun and we had lots of viewers and donations which is the best part of all. Seriously as someone who teaches little kids it's awesome to see a charity going towards supporting kids in need.

Keep watching guys there are lots more games to be played this weekend! Help make this a successful event so we can do it again someday :)