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More articles like this and less of Patrick's political soapboxing and clickbaiting, please.

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@Kelleth said:
" @TooWalrus said:

" Animevice is shy, seclusive and anti-social, much like their audience. "

  Hmmm.. actually most of us are friendly to all visitors unlike some users here:

You'll never see something like this over there. Because we mods actually do ban flamers.



" After looking at this thread, I took a quick peek on what is going on around anime vice. Lo and behold, the news is mostly about trailers of new anime that are about to be released. In the front page of the website, there are threads about " which anime character would you have sex with" and " the hentai poll", with links to titles like this one.  

Mind you that i actually made the thread to get some numbers. Which i made because of you guys. Who where complaining and whining. This let us to discuss over how many of us actually like hentai and gave me the idea for the poll. You can see which is in lead and turns out we are just pervs and men...  Edit: Damn I did not want to edit my posts for you guys. But i'm a perfectionist so i went back :P "
And you're a MOD over there? Mother of god.
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" It's not our fault Gia left. I only go on there for the Naruto Reviews. And what the hell is Political base?  Edit: By the way, why did Gia left? "

She was laid off.  
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" @mp5: I think the bigger question is how you know about Futa... "

No not really that's just one reason why ANIME IS FOR JERKS
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enough said.

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Oh boy now I can fart on myself truly this is the modern age of games

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It's kind of bullshit
That's an 8-letter word right

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There's no way they "got permission", I'm sure they just did it because WWE Legal would surely have said "fuck you".