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PSN: MP_Geist Can't wait to mash X with you guys.

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@ch3burashka said:

That's not my Chie...

I can't be the only one here who prefers new Chie, right?

You have my sword.

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Cottage cheese and Japanese hentai games.

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So my friend and I are going to stream this year. We're gonna play fighting games...and other stuff to keep from wanting to kill each other. We're starting at 10 AM EST.

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I'm excited but there's no news.

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I'll play. PSN: MP_Geist

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I don't go to gaming sites for news anymore. I pretty much just go to Giant Bomb for original content and neogaf so other people can sift through the crap for me.

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My sub runs out tomorrow. Its been a good run and I still like the Dusts and Dean Ambrose, but not enough to keep paying. Not enough interesting content is added to the network either. Was really diggin Legends of Wrestling and that kinda stuff but I went through all that I was interested in already.

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People are really complaining about the logo? Yeah it's a real shame after the Persona 3 & 4 logos were such works of art. I think it looks fine.

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Pretty excited to get this but I'm waiting for the PS4 version. It apparently has extra content and obviously slightly better graphics.

This is what I'm doing. Thanks for the write-up Hailinel.