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I love Jamie Lee Curtis! So intelligent and cool...and she still looks damn good.

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Bayonetta 2. No regrets about it either.

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Business casual for work and then jeans and a t-shirt at night.

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It's sad this is happening. I hope we can keep seeing games from all sorts of different people. I'm glad we have more women participating and I wish it wasn't so hostile. That said I love stuff like Bayonetta and Dead or Alive so I guess that makes me a villain too.

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@fcdrandy said:

7 left brodies, respond with your campaign thing and I got ya

Our Donation page I won't refuse money for da kids! Let me know when you donate if you want to be entered into our Bayonetta 2 raffle.

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Wow! Awesome work duder!

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OMG that title art...I'm very excited for this!

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I think it's cool to move forward on this stuff. I'm just tired of being called a sexist for enjoying Bayonetta.

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Yes absolutely. I played it last week again on 360 and it's still excellent.

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I feel like Hayter's VO work was on a decline with the last few games. I'm really okay with something different.