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@corruptedevil: I've found that! Running - walk for a bit, run a bit more....

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So I got DayZ yesterday after watching a February edition of "Rorie's Puppy Chat" and thought it looked like fun, but it seems a slow start.

I've played just over 2 hours on about 6 servers with about 10+ people on each and I've found one person (Who killed me) and zero zombies.

Am I going wrong somewhere or is this the nature of the game?



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Joined - PSN ID: Mr187UK

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I hope it's a dead version of L.A. Noire.

I've already preordered it.

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Now I have an Email from Sony "Your Pre-Order Has Been Cancelled Due to a Payment Failure", strange I used the card details to purchase the non-preorder version after the email was sent!

Hope I still get all my DLC.

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Tried to reset the licences, still not working. Soon be time for work!! I got up at 5am to squeeze a few hours of WD this morning - Sad I know!

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There seems to be an issue with Watch Dogs Deluxe Digital preorder on PS4.

Mine downloaded yesterday (Monday 26th 18:30 BST), but still having licence issues and unable to start the game "Cannot start application" with a padlock next to the game's place holder.

Some are saying to cancel the preorder, but that seems to lose preorder bonuses.

Anyone else having this issue too?

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Long Eaton, Nottingham, England.

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I tend to install Free AVG or Free Avast. I also use Malwarebytes (Free) and run manual scans.

Check out this website - I use it all the time, all the plugins under one roof. It's ideal if rebuilding your system and stops the need to visit lots of sites and running all the individual exe files.

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I had this sync issue. I had to go through all my games, earn a trophy in each one to see if that game had caused the sync issue.

It was caused by Escape plan, the fix was to play, earn a trophy and then sync.