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Excellent package if you are a CoD fan. 0

I'm not a die-hard CoD fan but I can appreciate the formula that Activision has perfected when it comes to fast paced fps combat. I especially like the fact that I can rent this game since it has no online pass required for multiplayer. That being said long time fans who just want more CoD should not hesitate to purchase this because it really is a great package. Everything else I could type here you already know. It looks like CoD, it sounds like CoD and it play's like CoD. I guess what I'm try...

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Save yourself 65 bucks. 0

First off disregard every review you have read from sites such as these .   I've been playing Madden for many years,  I'm 34 and have played just about every version since the SNES and Genesis days.  That being said I'm also of the camp that believes that sim football should be represented more then over the top arcade gameplay especially when dealing with the NFL license.    Well if you feel the same as I do then avoid this game like the plague.  While there have been improvements such as crisp...

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