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this is fucking terrible, such sad news. sorry guys

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that videos amazing

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lol, if only i got that far, my game crashes before you even get past the legal screen...

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i can't speak to the quality of the port, i'm sure it's great, but just like op, my game is completely bricked.

I've tried all their suggested fixes, but none of it works. If they don't bring out a fix in the next few days, I'm going to do the same and crack it

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@Beaudacious: lol

the guy playing that demo was fucking awful

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I don't have issues with people who didn't like the beta, or were disappointed by it, or hoped that features in BF2 made it into the game etc.

I just can't stand hyperbole entitled cunts who stand on their soap boxes saying "FUCK YOU DICE, YOU REMOVED COMMANDER MODE, HOW COULD YOU FUCK ME LIKE THIS?" Get a fucking grip. As someone who works in the games industry, these people really piss me off.

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if you don't want to pay as much for a game, just wait a bit after launch. unless it's a game i have to have, i always wait for a good deal, and i always get a good deal. I boght mass effect 2 a couple months after release for about £15, in fact most games i buy are for around that price, unless i can't wait for it. This way, i get a new game, don't have to risk some piece of shit scratched copy, and all my money goes to the developer. Used games are usually a rip off anyway. I'm cool with people selling their games on ebay or whatever, but trading in a game for £5 only for them to turn round to sell it to someone else for £25 is total bullshit

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@Shakezula84: if you buy it new you get the back to karkand pack, which is 4 maps, so yea you do still get free maps

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@AhmadMetallic: yea to be in e-sports, you have to play some 10 year old pos instead...

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i was considering getting one, not to be competitive, but playing flying games with a joystick is awesome, and it's pretty exciting when you're shooting down other players and stuff. Another thing i want really bad is to play bf3 with a joystick with a 3 monitor eyefinity setup. That shit is so awesome...