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Dirt 3

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@xobballox: You should get it, I fell in love with Dirt 2 and could never put it down hardly at all, same thing with Dirt 3 now. It is amazing.

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Snow levels are definitely the best, I love them alot.

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I'm happy with the way everything is now, but the only one feature I really want at all is LAN support, that's all I ask for.

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Count me in 
PSN: Bitler

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Borderlands 2. And hopefully with a feature to import your characters from the original Borderlands, that's what I want.

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@Briguile: Well obviously not real time, kinda easy to figure that out. 
@Kibblez: Same here, I think Season 5 will always have a place close to me, definitely not Season 6, was alright, but eh, coulda been way better.
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@Briguile said:
" @Linkyshinks:  the good news is they're making a 24 Movie. "
Yep, I know that, and am glad they are. Just wondering how they're going to make it work.
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I love 24 to death.. 
I've learned and am totally willing to accept that one of my top favorite shows of all-time is ending, but it's just so hard to fully realize that the end is almost here. There have been so many OMG! moments from Jack, like the vampire bite in S6-EP1 for example, and plenty of others which I won't spoil. Mondays, as much as I truly hate them overall, have really pretty much become my favorite night of the week as each Monday brings another hour (or sometimes two) in the life of this true badass.  
And from watching the show, I've become a pretty big fan of Kiefer Sutherland obviously, but also of Glenn Morshower, he without a doubt, is my favorite character 2nd to only Jack himself of course.  James Morrison too, Bill Buchanan was oh so good.
Just want to say what good show 24 is, will always come back and watch it. In fact, may just have a Season 1 - 8 marathon after that dvd set comes out.  
But, farewell 24, I will miss you dearly. 
P.S. Jack is always right, never question him, you know what happens when you do! ;)