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My personal favorite game of all time 2

I was 9 when I got this game for christmas, I immediately began to play it. At this age I found the game particularly challenging, but I was never frustrated to point where I would call it quits. Now at the age of 18 this is still my most played and most enjoyed game of all time. Ocarina of Time is a fairly long game but never in the three or four times I have played through this game have I ever felt board or as if the story was being stretched to thin. Since this Zelda title in my opinion ther...

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Young Clifford can be proud 0

I found the first gears game's controls a little to loose and a story that wasn't that compelling. Gears 2 has a very tight story that is enjoyable and keeps the player wanting to press forward to the next checkpoint. The game's checkpoint system is perfect it makes sections of game play challenging, but not impossible even on insane. Gears 2 does not have the longest story but i think that is a good thing in this situation. Gears 2 is bloodier than ever with more high action, bone braking, bloo...

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