I'm shadowing at school tomorrow.

Well, I'm in 8th grade and I've always been home-schooled. I decided I actually want to go to school. So, tomorrow, I'm going to be a shadow. For those of you who don't know who that is, it's when you follow a student around for one day, just to see what schools like. I will be doing everything, except for the work (yay!) Luckily, the kid isn't a complete stranger to me, even if I don't know him that well. He's in 9th grade, I'm in 8th, I'll be shadowing the 9th grade classes because since I'm already in 8th grade, I (hopefully) won't be there next year. I'll be learning about where I'm going to, which is good because one of my friends didn't understand. He kept saying, "Dude! I'll find you when you go to school!" 
Now I have to get some sleep, since I'm home-schooled I always stay up late, I will be getting up at 6 A.M... 
6 A.M!!!!!! 
Anyway, wish me luck!      
Edit: Whoa whoa whoa, can somebody please tell me what the hell just happened!?


Do you ever know when you're going to have a dream?

I was playing BioShock yesterday for a few hours straight, and then I had to stop playing. When I stopped, all I could think about was, "What's going to happen? I want to keep playing!" and then I just thought, "I'm going to have a dream about this game tonight." Sure enough, I did. Me, and apparently other random people who I don't know, were in a building hiding from a big daddy who was going to KILL US!!! Oh yeah, and my best friend was there. Well, suddenly we were out of the building in a outdoor kart racer like track, weird. The Big Daddy just kept running around the track, of course, trying to KILL US!!! The I stole a car, drove home, and the dream ended. Weird. 
have you ever had a video game related dream? And have you ever thought, "I'm going to have a dream tonight?" Dream are all in the mind, so if you can't stop thinking about something, won't you just have a dream about it?


Is GameStop online run by a 5 year old!?

"Reserve Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and receive:
  • Instant access to the AKS-74 assault rifle for multiplayer action. Firing over 650 rounds a minute, this deadly beauty will give you maximum pwnage over your friends and enemies.
"Pwnage!?" "PWNAGE!?" You have got to be kidding me! 
On a side note, GameStop online also said it had a "M" rating. Will it be the first "M" rated Battlefield game? What do you think?

They haven't figured it out yet.

Things seem to be going pretty well so far. The community is more idiotic then I thought, but with so many good members I think in counters the bad members. I shouldn't say the whole community is stupid, just alot of them. But, then again, most are good.


Hi, I'm new...to GiantBomb.

I'm new to GiantBomb and I think it would be safe to introduce myself? This site seems alot more laid back than other video game sites, but it does seem like there are more dicks than other video game sites, even if there is a lack of trolls (which is good, no trolls is always good.) 
I'm sorry if this is coming out wrong, what I'm trying to say is hello, and also is this what you would call a good community? Or is it kind of bad, because there's a site called GameFaqs and the community kind of sucks. 
Sooooo, hi.