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Well, I'm in 8th grade and I've always been home-schooled. I decided I actually want to go to school. So, tomorrow, I'm going to be a shadow. For those of you who don't know who that is, it's when you follow a student around for one day, just to see what schools like. I will be doing everything, except for the work (yay!) Luckily, the kid isn't a complete stranger to me, even if I don't know him that well. He's in 9th grade, I'm in 8th, I'll be shadowing the 9th grade classes because since I'm already in 8th grade, I (hopefully) won't be there next year. I'll be learning about where I'm going to, which is good because one of my friends didn't understand. He kept saying, "Dude! I'll find you when you go to school!" 
Now I have to get some sleep, since I'm home-schooled I always stay up late, I will be getting up at 6 A.M... 
6 A.M!!!!!! 
Anyway, wish me luck!      
Edit: Whoa whoa whoa, can somebody please tell me what the hell just happened!?

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@Kibblez said:
" Hmm, looks like a Halo game. "
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@Cerza said:
" @K0rN said:
" @Synthballs said:
" @K0rN said:
" Maybe it could come at some sort of price like how it costs 800 MS points to change your tag "
Thats retarded! What is this SA? "
What?  With that alot less people would want to use that to troll because they would have to pay for it. "
No it wouldn't. It would be pointless, because there would still be nothing stopping those people from going and making another brand new account...
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@AutomaticSnake said:
"  I can't wait to see all the low ratings this "game" will get.  I recommend watching it on youtube if you want to play it... lol "
I lol'd.
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Shamelessly bumped. 
Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump.

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@evanbrau: I have Bad Company and 1943, I think I know what a Battlefield game is.
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I didn't read it yet, but the score of 8 is pretty impressive from what I was expecting.
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They're a group of dudes who play games. They don't always get early copies like IGN or GameSpot. They buy the game when it's released, and then play it until they can review it.

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@Liminality: Thank you so much!
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@Qorious said:
" You're a little late for the holidays aren't you? "