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I'd like to know how to connect my GiantBomb to my Facebook, can anyone help me?

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@LordAndrew: Yeah, they're on the same Multi-Pass, but when I join a new site, instead of putting me as Mr.Hulk_Smashin'! it puts me as mr_hulk_smashin.
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@Derios: Well, it's up now.
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@Hamz: Ok, I just proposed the page... I have a question. On ComicVine I have around 9,000 points, and when I signed up for the free multi-pass, it said all my points would be usable on any Whiskey Media website, so, how come the page isn't posted?
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@Hamz: So, they've one game that I know of, but they have the movie coming out in 2012 and every Marvel movie gets a game, so I assume that'll be another.
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 So I should add them as a concept?
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@iam3green: Thanks, and yeah, I'm really enjoying it here.
Well, thanks dude!
Hello to you, too.
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@nintendoeats said:
" Sup dude.This is indeed a website about games. I am a shut-in with undiagnosed mental issues, who is essentially incapable of human relationships. This has led to me clinging to video games and video game forums for something that vaguely resembles human interaction, and creating a gaming shrine of sorts into which I retreat after school every day, "only leaving once a day to buy some groceries."  But tell us about yourself! It sucks about your mom, how many years do you think it will be until you can get your own stuff? Anyway, we welcome all gaming enthusiasts here, so long as they aren't trolls. Though I will warn you. If you hang out here we might wind up convincing you to buy a 360 and hide it under your bed until your mom leaves you in the house alone to play Manhunt. "
Thanks for the welcome, although, the only reason I'd buy a 360, is for the Halo franchise. I'd rather have a PS3 for the whole free online play thing.
For me to own my own stuff? well, that's hard. My brother started college this year and he's 16, so I might get my own stuff within the next few years.
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@tobygw: Actually, I'm not much of a DC fan, the only character I like is Green Lantern, and that's more of a team.... composed of 7,200 people... and a planet.
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@X19: They're both Movie CG companies, there are a few digital artists in comics, but their art isn't all that great.
ILM is Industrial Light & Magic, they did the CGI for both Iron Man movies, Rhythm and Hues did the CGI for the Ed Norton Incredible Hulk movie.