End of an era...

So I stayed up last night to watch the XBOXALYPSE, which was great by the way. The guy's seemed to be having a good time, and Vinny and Dave's Songs were the perfect end! It really got me thinking of how Xbox Live has changed over the years. I remember getting Live on day one of the launch, I didn't have wireless at the time so i had to hook up my cable modem to the back of my Xbox, the whole time thinking I was doing something that was quite 'out there', that it was some secret thing that only I and a handful of nerdy Xbox owners knew how to do. Staying up all night playing Games like Whacked, Moto GP, and Ghost Recon. Talking to folks who used the weird voice changers that Microsoft had built into the service, people like Darth Vader, girl voices that were clearly dudes, and Clergy members disguised as children. Back then it was just a service for people to play games with friends, or strangers, none of this movie rentals stuff, or Netflix, or Avatars or Avatar gear. And not that all of thous things are bad, just that the old saying still rings true, "times were simpler back then."
Microsoft has moved on from just making the service a destination for game players to play online, but one of the "go to" spots for entertainment in the living room, with Zune marketplace, Netflix, digital downloads such as XBL: Arcade, Game Room, and Indy Games. Even Original content such as the way they implemented 1 vs. 100. So this goes out to Xbox Live v1.0 for all you did for online gaming and online services for consoles, may we keep pushing forward and breaking new ground for years to come! These Pork Buns are for YOU!

 Pork Buns!!!

Cell phone games, no! iPhone games, YES!

Most things coming out for cell phones, has mostly been pretty bad. And alot of the stuff on the app store is trash too. But some times they get it right and the game is great. Feildrunners, iDracula, and Peggle are all great on my iphone, and all for the same reason. if i'm waiting for a pizza, for a sub or in line or anything its great for just whipping out, firing up and be destracted for 5-10 mins. Or at work, where game devices are off limits, i can just take out my phone and go to town.