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Another one:

Gears of War 1 Xbox 360 P32HM-9FQ6C-47X3V-RR48H-WTPB8

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dont need these:

Peggle 2 Xbox 360 J3CVV-VXM4M-VD4G8-H7Y63-4CW32

Lone Survivor iTunes (Mark Wahlberg movie) ewnm9whnmyax

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If you got an Xbox you can get a free Exoskeleton for your Avatar here

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It's been 4 days since this came out and no Quick Look or word from Jeff about it. I guess detox was successful.

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Totally off, plugged in, not in stand by. Not the eject noise. I can only hear it with my ear pressed against the PS4 and it goes away when I unplug the power cable.

I'm not sending it back over this, I just thought I'd ask about it. I'm getting a Wii U Monday so I'll see if that does it too.

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Is it normal for a PS4 to make noise while off? Mine makes a high pitched noise when its off and plugged in. I can only hear it when i put my hear right next to it. The best I can describe is intermittent beeps . If i disconnect the power cord it goes away. I've tried different outlets and it is on a surge protector. White PS4.

Do all electronics do this? I'm assuming there is power going through it and this is normal for electronics. Also I'm sensiive to high frequency sounds.

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PS4 America



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Should I get a refurbished one for $150 or a new one?