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we all miss him and that will not change thank you Ryan for all the fun and joy you brought to all of us and thank you.

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Almost a mounth ago we lost our friend Ryan I remember the first time I talk to Ryan over chat and he was so busy just starting the page and taking his time to talk to a fan Ryan thank you for the time you spend making us laugh and being honest about Movies,candy,Drinks and even Games Thank you for all you did and what you inspired. Thank you.

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do you guys think its taking so long to turn of xbox live is because the same person that shut down the matrix online is shuting it up?
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do you guys think ther goin to put a halo 2 arcade version or other xbox live games?
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why dosent the xbox live just die? i think they are waiting for you guys to stop playing
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got another question why did they make Mr Brown drive the car if he had a bullet in the head?

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i think you are 100% right about the Prop malfunction just whanted to see other opinions about the same subject

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orange whas on the floor bleeding out and he dint have his wepon mr white whas aiming at his boss his boss whas aiming at Mr. orange and nice guy eddie whas aiming at Mr white no one whas aiming at nice guy eddie ( Mr pink whas hiding under a ramp)

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in the quentin tarantino movie Reservoir dogs who killed nice guy eddie? no one whas shooting at him

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