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@Dragoon14 said:
" Play station home Vs sims "

I can see a lot of careful thought and personal effort went into creating this thread, well done superstar. Is it really that much effort to put a 'The' in front of 'sims'? Evidently so, though on the other hand the addition of an extra word might take apart that daring air of brevity you've got working for you.
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Can't this have a sixth option of just 'Gamer'?

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Last day today for the sale! Get in there you swines!!

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First off, let me prefix this by saying I'm not a shill or some sort of robot built for the diabolical purposes of advertising nor am I a virtual deliverer of fine pork based tinned goods that end in 'am'. I'm just a man, of flesh and blood, who is looking out for his fellow man in these tough financial times (aka the current economic downturn). In other words, mods please don't hurt me! I didn't know... I didn't know!!!

Anyways, has got a darn good sale on games of all platforms for this weekend only (allegedly). Some of said deals are pretty rad and are definitely worth checking out esp if you missed out on a game the first time round. pour exampley:

Little Big Planet (PS3) for £8.73
Manhunt (Wii) for £4.73
Saints Row 2 (360 and PS3) for £15.73
( ^ All are sealed and brand new too)

Delivery is free and quite speedy from what I can tell, I bought Bioshock on the PS3 from them the other day for just under 9 quid. if anything, it has irritated me that up until now I'd never played Biohock in its entirity.

PS: Buy more Spam.

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+1 Damage to innocent boxes

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Definitely an improvement over the original style.

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Oddly enough I think you're taller when you're on the New Sun at the beginning of the game. Crushing Helghan gravity perhaps?

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I can't remember the exact rank but if you go onto the statistics part on the warzone menu then R1 a couple of times, there should be a section with 'unlocks', that'll show you what you'll acquire at each rank. The first class class is the Medic btw, enjoy.

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So the general notion is that this is an iffy game. Little bit glad I just lost out on an eBay bid for this

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Canberra said:
"BiggerBomb said:
"Canberra said:

I hate the word tacky...but, dude. That's tacky."
you aint seen nothin' yet!"
Arrghh! Too much!