Quick tour of the Steam app

I had the luck to get into the Steam app beta so I thought it would show you guys what it is.

(I know this is kind of dumb but I thought people might be interested to see the app)

You can no longer escape Steam's great deals
You can see the announcements of your groups
I thought this was quite awesome

I have to admit I don't expect ever to use it but hopefully they will add more features in the future.


So I just wached the Prince of Persia movie and...

It was pretty good. One of my biggest worries about the movie (aside from being a video game based movie) was Jake Gyllenhaal, he is a good actor but he really didnt seem to me like the actor I would choose for the role of the prince and I still think he might not have been the best choice but after the first 15 minutes I got used to him and he actually played the role of the happy go lucky prince from the Sands of Time very well. The dialog was better than I had expected from such a big summer blckbuster and even the story wast half bad. The actions scenes where mostly very good but the movie did suffer from the "10 minutes has passed since we last killed / ran away from something which means its time for a new action scene" problem but it wasnt so bad because lets face it you dont go to see this movie for its deep and poetic dialogs.
Basicly if you want to see a fun stupid movie with high production values and great CGI go see it, its about as sophiticated and fun as the first Pirates of the Caribbeean was. 
The only big problem I had with this film was that I left the theater with one big question unanswered, will the movie mark the triumphant return  of TANG?  


First thoughts on the new Left 4 Dead 2 DLC

I just finished my first game of the new DLC (The Passing) and my first thought is AWESOME.
Why you ask me? Very simple I just got 20% more game for free! and if thats wasn't enough the new campaigns is one of the better ones from the six campaigns if not the best. It seems Valve took a good look at the best parts from Left 4 Dead and made them into a whole new level for instance the storm and rain effects from Hard Rain make a comeback. The levels in the DLC are very diverse and fun, and one last treat is that you get to see and meet some familiar faces.  
In conclusion I just want to say play this DLC even if you have to pay for it (im talking to you Xbox playes) its a ride thats worth every second of your time.    
Sorry im keeping this short but these zombies aren't going kill themselves.