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What will I access buying the compendium from the Marketplace (i.e. will I gain access to what I would have buying the compendium from Valve or will the items given out with the compendium no longer be available to me)?

I honestly don't think it's worth buying it at this point (even if you somehow managed to), you will get a few items but you don't really have time to level it.

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Watch it at or in client.

talk about it here, or at the Giant Bomb chat room in the client.

Good luck everyone!

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Had this one for more than 6 years I think, maybe more.

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How come no one mentioned this work of art?

It's like a train wreck, I can't look away from this disaster.

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I always saw summer jams as trashy catchy tunes, I'm kind of disappointed by this thread :(

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How much money does the first place winner of E3 get?

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@supamon said:

Date advice picture. Check.

Touch her shoulder. Check.

Fake your own death. Check.

Actual advice. Check.

You guys make me so proud.

Getting all of these in a giant bomb romance advice thread is more reliable than the sun rising in the morning.

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<----This guy