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i've been ignoring coverage for just about anything i'm interested in for a few years now and have felt like it's the best decision i could make, thanks to marketing thinking we need to see all the money shots in order to watch a whole movie

@patrickklepek even if guardians of the galaxy isn't your next 'godzilla', it's easy to find yourself re-watching the same scenes ad nauseum in an advertizing ramp-up until they re-appear in the movie and have lost all effect. most things are better as a surprise, i've found. then again, i assume directors intend their movies to be seen with fresh eyes, even with such a thing as marketing

@csl316 the tricky part is figuring out how to appoint trusted sources who can filter in the cool stuff you'd otherwise avoid coverage on. for instance-- i know persona 5 is coming, and until it's in my ps3, i don't want (or need) to know anything else about it

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now i hate mondays

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after success in the SSX RiderNET thing, i'll throw my hat in here:

Battletag: plasticks#2471

Difficulty: Normal plus whatever

Region: North America

Class: Monk or Demon Hunter

feel free to add me, just lemme know you're from GB. i'll have to get back later and sift through here for new pals as well

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i just wanted to stop by and tell everyone how much fun it is hating you all on ridernet, notably , , , and especially

you're all bastards

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this thread is going to places that i like

@MordeaniisChaos said:

@Hailinel: You have every right to make that decision and I don't even think your wrong to do so, because yes, the guy was a jackass, something that has been established by just about everyone who posted in this thread. But just because you have a right and reason to do something doesn't make it any less childish. It could be the most amazing game ever and because of that you aren't buying it? It reminded me of a thread elsewhere about Achievements were the OP said he wouldn't buy games with things like achievements with abnormal point values (ie, not ending in 5 or 0). Your going to miss out on something because of a silly thing that doesn't actually change the quality of the game experience. Feel free to speak out against his methods of expressing his opinion with Japanese games. Feel free to not buy his game because of his actions. But don't expect others to see that as rational or mature, because you'll only be disappointed.

i'll speak for hailinel here because this whole event has soured my taste for what was a game i was looking forward to. a lot of posters in the thread seem to be overly concerned with someone 'missing out' on an experience and being stubborn or childish for their perspective, but the fact of the matter is when a shithead goes into a public event and acts like a shithead to a total stranger, it makes anything they touch look a lot less appealing-- even moreso that it's a game he's been working on with a couple other guys for the last few years - a project that is almost altogether fish's creation

it's pretty easy to be turned off by the actions of a guy even if their work is great, there's no reason to debate the principle of the matter. nobody even knows how Fez will turn out, although it will likely be an indie darling thanks to the bay area journalist club, winning the 2012 IGF, and fish's internet clique, but even with that assumption in mind that's no reason to harangue some guy on the internet for voicing his opinion on the matter just because he's made up his mind

now continue arguing

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i would super love to enjoy SSX with all you boys in the hood, but the copy i won fro IGN's livestream is taking for-literal-ever to get here

i considered buying it new and returning the sealed copy they're mailing me once it arrives, but i don't know if there's going to be some foul play with the packaging on their end or whatever. keep the slopes warm for me-- oh wait..

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this was a fantastic video on an occurrence seen regularly that is rarely explained well. i'd love to see what else you can put into layman's for us

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i'm going to wager a guess that i'm one of the few people interested in this game for the Ghost-In-The-Shell-lookin' story and great looking animation/great sounding VO

does anyone have input on that stuff

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accepted about ten friend requests this evening. will scrounge through here myself tomorrow but thanks for the adds <3

looking forward to next week quite a bit

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now this is a feature that i can get behind, or in front of