Mr. Spinnington's "lies from E3 2011: the last of traditional games"

everything is going dark... you're not sure what it could be.. is it.. is this death? is that light a thing that i should go to?

no, traveler, you have simply stumbled into E3 2011; a glimpse into the future of video-game-a-rama and Sony openly shoving Nintendo on the playground. beyond our control, these wonderful new upcoming technologies (and that Kinect thing) may prove useful or spell the end of console gaming as we know it

under water or above, the fear of a horrifying future of extended peripheral play and daft drifting away from core game experiences is enough to warrant more alcohol and less investment in our hobby. thankfully, we're being told happy lies about some of the last games of that kind. behold, the dinosaurs of the future, when 5 years down the road we'll reminisce over the swan song of video gaming

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