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Everyone seems to be reaching a big wiki milestone today. Congrats, duder! And thanks for all you effort, those RE pages are some of the best on the site.

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Thanks for writing this, duder. I loved setting Wiki Tasks every week and can't wait for them to make a return. It was a great way to attract new editors.

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@yummylee: I believe so. We've had a lot of submissions in the queue recently that were people re-adding the sidebar info so progress is being made.

If we can collate all the pages that were wiped then I can pin it to this forum and we can work our way through.

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As much as I'm happy to see Lewis win, I hope Mercedes don't dominate the season the same way Red Bull did last year.

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Glad to hear your transition is going so well. I wish you all the best on the rest of your journey.

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Steve Gaynor of Gone Home fame does a podcast where he interviews other game devs called Tone Control.

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If you check out the weekly Community Spotlight that's pinned to the top of the forums they're usually listed there.

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You do get points.

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I watched that movie so much as a kid and I've seen it several times as an adult too and I'd say it's a great family film. It's kind of crazy how good it is considering the absurdity of the premise: a live-action Loony Toons film about basketball featuring Michael Jordan and other professional NBA players as the main characters.

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@you_died said:

This is pretty obviously a troll

Yep. I'm not sure why people are writing big paragraphs giving the guy advice; the thread title is literally "Dark Souls sucks", and nothing in his original comment implied he liked anything about the game or was willing to give it more of a chance. It's blind hate from a guy with less than 10 posts, just trying to rile people up.

I have to give credit to the community, this thread has managed to generate some good discussion in spite of the first post.