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The staff was cut down significantly due to the untimely passing of Ryan. Naturally, it has been difficult for the site to get back on their feet. However, the content recently has improved and has been exciting. There isn't many games so the crew are working with what they can. If they hire new staff, the content will continue to improve. The crew are the same as ever. Vinny and Drew are just lovely blokes, Brad has always been sleepy and Jeff has always been full of hatred in a delightful way. Patrick's content is good. The content is improving.

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Timesplitters, FIFA and the Souls games.

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He upgrades his armour, which is pointless and a waste of resources. Of course, it's the game's fault for not getting this point across to the player but still, it's annoying.

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I really like Charlie Brooker, he's a good writer as shown by Black Mirror and his Screenwipe show, but he is like one of the three people in the public eye in the UK that they ever ask about video games. I guess you could do a million times worse and only he would likely get a show like this made on one of the five main channels. I saw that video over on Eurogamer where he is trying to get the C4 newsreader to play games and he somehow comes off a lot worse than I'd have expected him to, trying to defend games to someone that very clearly has no interest in seeing video games as a valid art form.

I think just showed how out of touch with the world Jon Snow is. I think Jon Snow came across as an archaic and sexist pig in all honesty, and sometimes it's worth giving up on people like that. Sadly, it seems hard for older generations to pick up on video games (no disrespect to older people) but in years to come, as video games become an even larger part of our culture, we will find that everyone and anyone has played video games or has a fondness of video games. I'm glad Charlie Brooker is trying to get the mainstream to understand what we love (even though parts of video games are mainstream themselves), and especially towards titles outside of the Call of Duty's. On the Jon Snow interview he mentioned Paper's Please, which was pleasing to see.

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I've finished Dark Souls over 10 times now and I still love watching people play it, good or bad. It might be one of the best games I've ever played.

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UK/Europe getting screwed as usual!

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@SpikeSpiegel said:


Sorry for taking so long to reply! I went ahead and uploaded all of them to a folder on Giant Bomb. You can get them here!

Thanks a lot, that is great!

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I have a small folder of Patrick in various landscapes. I find them to be amusing.

Wow this is amazing. Would you be able to share the folder? Don't worry if not. I just love this.

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Botanicula is so good damn pretty too. Loved that.

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I actually played this in Nottingham nearly two years okay. It was great. My favourite indie game of the year has to be Fez. Obvious, but true. :(