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I just read Maldonados wiki page, this part was both funny and a bit sad.

First win : 2012 spanish grand prix

Last win : 2012 spanish grand prix


I still belive in you Pastor. :(

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Lang, this is how F1 engines SHOULD sound !.

Oh fuck yes! It's like porn but for ears.

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Seeing Kimi race a goddamn lawnmover always puts a smile on my face, i like that somehow this is the most enthusiastic and talkative he has ever been about anything.

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@bushlemon: Finns are not huggers.

As a half finn i can confirm this.

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@dannyodwyer said: guys?

Twitch plays formula e, it will be glorious!

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@t_wester said:
Also happy Easter from the Chinese GP.

Dear lord, is that some kind of horrible bunny/sled hybrid. ;)

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Meanwhile, in Chinese Cup Racing:

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@artisanbreads: I have programmed enough ai to know that a game like codename steam does not take 30 seconds per turn to calculate the ai, unless they where running the game on a calulator or fucked things up really badly ;-)

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@artisanbreads: Brad has a point, in the case of codename steam it is not a technical thing, that game is pretty primitive, the basic ai does not tax the hardware to the point that every turn takes half a minute to calculate, same thing in the new x-com, it is a deliberate design choice in some games.

The total war and civilization games are a whole different matter, the longer the campaign goes the more number crunching the cpu has to do, to the point that it gets seriously bottle necked as the game has to track hundreds/thousands of variables and states that change with every turn.

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Yep dmx is still a deplorable human being.

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Did Dan and Brad just kill this series with their infighting?

I hope not, this series has potential, even more so because Dan and Brad actually go in for the roleplaying.

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Yep, kinect quicklooks are still the best thing about the kinect.