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ok looks like the problems been fixed , so really bad timing on my part lol

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I went for a monthly sub yesterday and everything was until after i submitted my debit card details in and clicked submit .

It gave me an error say that something went wrong and top men are looking into it BUT when i checked on the member page it said i'm a Premium member through October ?

Then i send Dave a tweet to see if he can fix it or pass the problem on to someone else that can actually fix it but all he's asked for is my user name and not even replying to my other tweets on if its being looked into.

Not to sound like a dick but I paid for this and i at least except someone to tell me what exactly is going on cause i've been a premium member on and off in the past and had no problem what so ever ,

Would of thought GB would of had problems like Premium member error's sorted out by now???

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Man i can not wait till COD is burnt into the ground like Guitar Hero!

Activision rely on COD way to much , which is only going to hurt them big time i hope . This shit is getting stupid!!!