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I shot the first after it looked like he was reaching for a weapon. Then i assumed the second would do the same so i shot him. Then the woman cowering on the floor called me a monster so i shot her too. If i went into that situation with a clear head i would of done it differently but i had gone through so much to keep Ellie safe by that point that the red mist had descended. Aint no one touchin ma Ellie!

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@sanious: Thats not the only reason people are saying the game is short. Jeff said he finished it in an afternoon and I started the post with saying i finished the game in 5 hours or less. I think it is a poor way to measure the time of a game because it just isn't true. If i die 3 times in a level and it takes me 20 mins then tell me.

@rebgav Most action games fill this time out better than i feel Rising does. The games story just takes off in the last 20 mins and you're just left feeling like there should be more. It might be because this is one of the only Character action games ( perhaps because it's a metal gear game ) that leans on it's story as a main focus.

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@themartino: I wouldn't say the length of a game is trivial. Look how many people are being turned off because of this. Not liking a game because the characters hair is different is trivial. The length of an experience that you are paying a decent amount of money to enjoy is not.

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It is definitely a good and all of the 5 hours were enjoyable. Just not £40/$60 worth :/ I also had some really weird camera issues during boss fights where the game would point me away during parts where i need to cut specific points :/ But the game isn't out yet so i hope that is fixed.

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I really don't like the VR missions in this game :/ They are pretty much all time based instead of like devil may cry challenges

Edit; But i haven't unlocked them all. There are terminals throughout the game just on the floor that unlock them.

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Points to buy upgrades. And there is the medal system from previous metal gears (complete in under 6 hours sort of thing). I'm played it on normal so im going to start on hard to see if there is anything else to get. The boss fights are some of the best character action game boss fights i've ever played so going back to them is sort of fun.

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I think i read somewhere that the PS3 version was getting free VR mission dlc. If you're into that...

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Hello Bombers :) I recently won a twitter competition the get the game early and host some strange party. Anyway i just wanted to let you know that the game is like 4 and half hours long. I know Konami recently said this doesn't include cut scenes but the longest cut scene in the game doesn't exceed 10 min so its still under 5 hours. The game is pretty good though! Quite a few costumes and unlockable weapons thrown in but man... Really dissapointed.

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I have a spare online pass for Mass Effect 3 for Ps3 if anyone needs it? :) I don't know if it matters or not but it's a UK code.

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When i first saw the title of this thread I was thinking 'FINALLY'!

I didn't expect to be heartbroken :/ Stay strong 'tricky'! I'm sure Mr. Klepek is very proud of the man you have become.

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