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Why tell a story within a video game? Do game mechanics hinder the story? What stories benefit from being told within a game, alongside game mechanics? Portal, ICO and Journey spring to mind as games that do merge mechanics and story-telling effectively, with both elements complimenting and relying on each other. These games share a simplicity in story-telling and are all fairly short. Three twenty hour games seems like the wrong way to tell any story, and by the start of Mass Effect 3 I realised that I didn't care about Shepherd, Reapers, Earth, Krogans or any of it. I thought Deus Ex: Human Revolution brought its setting and enviroments to life brilliantly. The streets of Detroit sit in my mind like memories of past life. But the story felt bloated and seemed to drag on in places. Perhaps it would have been better if told through a feature film. Any thoughts?

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I found it too chaotic. Specifically climbing the griffin. The AI got in my way a bunch on the prologue level too. It was still fun in places but a little too frustrating for me overall.

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Who cares about dlc at this stage? Clueless.