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haha well i hope you look forward to watching them again here!

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It's official, I'm going to begin blogging again! For those of you who've never seen me before, I invite you to check out my old stuff, cause come next week, I'll be returning to the internet. It's 2011, Year of the Bojangler.

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@Red12b: i don't try to copy or resemble anyone except myself, but i'm definitely influenced by people like Robert Downey Jr, Dane Cook, and Chris Farley
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@Red12b: hey man, WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK IS YOUR FUCKING CUNT PROBLEM??? hahaha just kidding. thanks for the pointers man. usually i'm a little more to the point. i do tend to ramble on a bit here and there, and i say "fucking" "fuck" etc. while doing so. i was pretty tired when i recorded that, and it shows. if you watch some of my other stuff, you can see i'm a bit more on point. i ad-lib quite a bit, but when i'm not reviewing games, just talking about shit, it usually works well. i definitely need to stick to more of a script when reviewing stuff.
Glad you liked it though, and thanks for subscribing. And i really do appreciate the criticism. It makes me happy to see that some people give a damn about my blogs haha.
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I made a short video yesterday about the whole Error Code 8001050F dilemma on the PS3, but that was just a taste of things to come. While it was quite the delicious taste, grab your dinner plate and get in like. Here's a new Awesomeness for you to devour. I made it with the freshest ingredients. (I took a shower right before I recorded) 


It's all about the sequels. Assassin's Creed 2, Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2; I beat all three of these AWESOME games and in this installment of Awesomeness I give my overall impressions of each game. 

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oh yeah, rate it 5 for me guys haha

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thanks for all the comments guys haha glad everyone likes it

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that fat dude is fucking crazy... at first i was like, fuck this guy but then i realized he's kinda funny... and then i realized i kinda felt bad for him.

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thanks slax and ineedaname

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thanks guys haha nice excuse forgotten.. and let me have your slim slash RIGHT NOW... actually i'm going to sleep now haha