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Max Payne 3 Review 0

Max Payne is a fish out of water - a weathered soul from a previous existence. Living in a self-induced purgatory of painkillers and whiskey he works as a bodyguard protecting one of the richest families in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He constantly relives the consequences of his past actions, which led to the death of his wife and daughter. Max could never save lives with his bullets, only take them. As a bodyguard, these skills are pretty useless.As an arbiter of vengeance though, your resume would be ...

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Fez Review 0

Polytron were approaching April 13 at a disadvantage. Their baby, Fez, and its five-year development cycle was marred with numerous setbacks, including a scrapping and complete redesign. In the meantime, 8-bit inspired games were fast becoming the staple of the indie development scene. Titles such as Super Meat Boy, and Braid swept in and stole the hearts of many gamers, and a slew of others side-scrolling platformers soon began to flood the market. As more 8-bit lookalikes were churned out, Fez...

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Scribblenauts Remix Review 0

Whether you have jumped on the iPhone 4S bandwagon or you are still hanging onto your dilapidated 3GS (yours truly), Scribblenauts Remix is a great creative adventure that should belong on your iOS device.The game’s simple premise is to complete mini puzzles in order to collect stars and advance through each world. To do this, you use the in game keyboard to type in nouns, which are then created to help complete your objective. While the puzzles may be simple in design, it is the way in which yo...

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Journey 0

Waking alone on the sandy banks of an unknown land, there stands a mountaintop in the distance. Piercing the otherwise absent horizon, it acts as a beacon, calling out to those who encounter a similar fate to that of your cloaked figure. So you set off in search of what lies at the top of this mysterious mountain, braving the scorched deserts, subterranean labyrinths, and frozen plains. Point A to B. A rudimentary objective but much like most adventures, it is the journey rather than destination...

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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Review 0

After its gutting and rework post-horrible E3 preview in 2010, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier has been released and stands proudly as the next title in the popular Ubisoft franchise. The game plants you in the middle of yet another clichéd rogue-nuke crisis as a member of the elite Ghost squad, a Special Forces branch of the U.S. Navy. Armed with prototype equipment including active camouflage, your squad of four is sent around the world to chase down arms dealers and ultranationalists and discover...

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