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I downloaded all 29 of the install packs and I still can't play anything other than training and single matches. The game also crashes when I try to change any of the controls. So yeah I'm upset about it, I just spent $60 on this thing and it doesn't work.

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GB Name: MrBubbles

SteamID: anubis289 (Mr.Bubbles nickname)

Region: NA (EST)

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Aww man I was a fan of Maxis. It's sad to hear that it got shut down. Now how will we get a Streets of Sim City, Sim Tower, and Sim Copter reboot?!

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Does this mean Jeff has finally figured out what Firewatch is?

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Finally some top 10 games love for Dark Souls 2

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This is also happening to me it happens on both my windows 8 laptop and my windows 7 PC both are running the most recent firefox

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This just started happening to me too it's super frustrating, I can't go 10 minutes without it happening to me. I'm using the latest firefox and windows 7.

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I haven't had any issues with the controls with mouse and keyboard. In fact I like them over the controller. If you're having that much of a problem you could rebind things to your liking. You don't HAVE to hold R to do a basic attack I've just been holding the left mouse button for my basic attack and then press the numbers on the hotbar to use my abilities.