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I'm blonde. I'm average-looking. My head is normal-sized. My whole body is neither wimpy, nor built. My personality is: likable, laid-back, maybe a little self-conscious. I know a lot of people on here are smart, so let me speak to those people for a moment: I sometimes say smart things in person, and feel terrible about it. I sometimes accidentally say a really well-worded thing, and then hastily follow it with something unbeautiful to make it so people don't think I was trying to make myself look good. Except around strangers, I guess, then I let it slide. I just don't want my friends and family thinking I think I'm awesome. By the way, I'm genuinely not awesome. Seriously. But on with this.

I went to Wash U in St. Louis, got a BA in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology, did some stuff, tried some drugs, didn't lose control of my life or anything, just diddled around and accrued debt like a moron, got a job eventually, and some time went by, not a whole lot, but not a little either, and now I wait tables while I work on my writing. Which is as hyper-real and sad as it sounds.

I like to read and I love to write. I read and write like a gamer--drop in, be totally absorbed, drop out. I write in little chunks, but I put huge effort into it each time. I don't "play," I get into it. Like I do with video games.

If it seems like I don't know how to write, then let me know, because I like to hear that. It means I'm still as terrible as I think I am, and need to improve.