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@slayergnome said:
I wish there was some repel or something that would keep the slimes away so I can build...
Walls. Use walls. Also its a beta. Im sure they are gonna tweek setting and what not. 
I don't think this game is in 'beta' you can't sell games on steam that ain't finished. I think its completed but will be heavy supported.
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@crusader8463 said:
I just use him as a trash bin. I had made a tiny hole next to my house that I kept throwing all the useless shit I picked up while mining and would just fill the hole back up so I didn't accidentally fall into it and pick it all back up. Then I discovered that if you drag and drop items into the store guy he will buy it from you. So even if you don't get anything for it, at least you don't have a bunch of shit laying around.
Omg, totally didn't know that. What a help.
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GTA San Andreas 2.

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@Unknown_Pleasures said:
This man's logic is sound!
Someone quick get Hitman47 on this!
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Thats great, fixing their game for the people who brought it and giving it free DLC. Your doing fine by me so far Splash damage.

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@jams said:
Looks good. Hopefully people with ATI (Do I just call it AMD?) cards can play.
I have a AMD card a 5750 and runs perfectly on this game, full settings everything. I turned blur off cause it got to crazy. I think I dodged the Brink problems with AMD cards.
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@Mikemcn said:
I feel like theres alot of Brink Apologists. I play plenty of games that most people don't like, but at least they're unique, brink is like every other shooter, with oddly elongated characters. And the reason other shooters don't have "multiplayer" with bots is because they are so god damn lame. Who wants a game where your expected to do everything yourself until the AI trigger's its own on switch and takes over?
I would agree with every word you said. But you wrote alot instead of a lot. so no deal.
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@KaosAngel said:
" Some people might say George Bush was the Batman of our generation.   "
Some People might call those people crazy. *Rises hand*
" When the lights go out we're all Batman. "
This man makes a good point, someone give this man $500!
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@Peteradcrew said:
" As long as they keep getting better It's a good thing.  More parkour moves please! "
Yea, aslong as they don't ruin this amazing series into the ground, I'm good with yearly installs.