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@awesomeusername: more like 'HD' Xbox doesn't run at 1080p, it runs at 720p That's like that HD ready shit you see on TVs.

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I second the shit out of this.

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I love Patrick...

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@Winternet said:

@blueduck said:

Remember when they said PVP would be patched in later because it wouldn't be finished for the the final game? What happened to that?

They never got around to that? Dude, that's fucked up.

Might of heard the news, but dueling is coming early jan. They said PVP would come post, it's still considered both 'post' and later. They've been working on PVE, which people come to Diablo more for.

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@TooWalrus said:

That game gave me more entertainment than most other $60 games this year, even if the endgame wasn't enough to keep me playing through a 4th time. I can see you making a case for most disappointing game, but WORST game? You're insane, and your opinion is wrong.

I'm right behind ya brother. Word.

*fist bump*

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i feel like i got my moneys worth out of it. But after a few months im done with it. Where as diablo 2 i played for YEARS.

FisHy feels the same way.

I played Diablo 2 OFF & ON for years. (Level 93 Paladin woo!)

It would be impossible to play D3 for years, since it hasn't been out for one, but i get where you're coming from.

But you're an insane person if you think that game would have YEARS AND YEARS OF CONTENT in the first release, bat shit insane. D2 had the same amount of content in the first release as D3 minus the expansion. Also they've updated D3 quite a lot lately, to the point where i've clocked inferno with my monk, got to paragon 9 and working to get the hellfire ring. And now i'm working on my Witch doctor. It's typically a game you come back to, because they evolve over time.


(sorry if this came across as a personal attack, i'm sure you're wonderful).

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103. Emma Stone is still a babe, even in a video game.

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Give that bitch KFC, bitches love KFC.

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After watching this, i want to put my dick in that guys deep fry S&M cage.. Jesus dude.

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@Bishna: Did you just drag and drop the photo into google images? Though, that might of been faster than 10mins...

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Ending was god damn awful.

But... i liked Connor..