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For an idea I thought about today...

Everyone knows FTL, how about we do one but you're bank robbers travelling across country robbing banks/small stores/stealing cars/staying in motels etc.

And the cops are chasing after you, the more you interact with people the faster the cops catch up to you, and you can throw them off your trail etc.

So you're racing to the border to try to escape the country and the money you have becomes your 'highscore'

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I love you sir. <3

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i have SOME coding ability (currently studying Computing Systems at uni)

I know.....

Some C#, HTML, jQuery, Java, CSS ummmm

I can do 2D pixel art as well?

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hopefully the mods see this before they lock it.

One sticky topic for youtube spam would stop all these locked threads. everyone likes Youtube!!


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@tarsier I'm not even close to an anime nerd. I watched dragon ball z and gt. that's about as far as I went. So I'm offended good sir. Really hurt my feelings.

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I love Robocop, fantastic movie and I know it would be easy to whine, but that old suit just wouldn't work now. The modern design is fine, It's kinda generic armour type thing, but what else could they have done without making it look silly?

This is why I love giantbomb so much.


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Digimon was a great show. Loved it, the monster designs were amazing. The first few pokemon games were also awesome. But they have become repetitive, and the show was the same. Do we REALLY need to hear team rockets song every god damn time?

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Controller rage!

The most correct comment in this thread. That's all i'm hearing...