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State of Decay is an amazing open-world GTA-style action game. 0

Undead Labs' State of Decay is a really great zombie apocalypse game that blends a GTA-style (or perhaps a more appropriate comparison: Dead Rising-style) control scheme with a randomized, very dynamic mission system, where missions pop up and disappear every once in a while, sometimes forcing you to prioritize and make difficult decisions. This intensifies as the third major part of the gameplay, the base-building, comes into play. You are part of a group of survivors (and can switch between th...

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Ye olde hidden-object finding with a solid plot and rosy visuals. 0

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. "But Cello, isn't this a girls game?" Well... Yeah, it kinda has that vibe, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it. The game has a sweet little story where you play the wife of an employee at the US embassy in Japan, and while the plot is nothing out more than a whodunit with you trying to find the murderer, it still contains some interesting plot twists that kept the story going while still making sense.  The game itself is one of those find-hidden-items-on-...

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Short and sweet. But mostly short. 0

 From the moment I first heard of DeathSpank coming to PSN, I knew I had to get it. As an old Monkey Island fan I couldn't let anything Ron Gilbert slip past me - and besides, the premise looked interesting enough: An manly superhero battling his way through hordes of evil, with glory everywhere? Sure, sign me up! I was intrigued as to DeathSpank's grand adventure to acquire "The Artifact", even if I was a little put off by the fact that you basically start the game at the END of DeathSpank's g...

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One of the most insanely addictive games this side of Tetris 0

 The remake of Sid Meier's Pirates! (yes, that's the title - they could have shortened it, but oh well) holds the record for the game I have installed, uninstalled and later reinstalled the most times ever. It represents the very simple, yet crazy addicting gameplay that all the Sid Meier-games are known for, but foregoes the whole colonization and citybuilding simulation perspective, and instead sets sails to an interesting new premise.    GameplayThe 'resource management' is boiled down to the...

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Excellent adventure game with a buggy PS3 release 19

So. First off, I loved the original Assassin's Creed, and while the original was bogged down by a slightly confusing story and some gameplay issues, Ubisoft Montreal seems to have studied the feedback from players worldwide. The resulting sequel is a game improved on nearly every level possible, and highly entertaining overall. The Good  Desmond and Lucy seem to have a thing going on, but it is so painfully understated that you start to wonder why it's even there.I won't get into too much exp...

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Thumbs up for a captivating albeit somewhat cheesy game 0

Second Sight follows a patient who wakes up in a medical facility with complete memory loss. It isn't long until he discovers that he has psychic abilities, and that there may have been a good reason for him being locked up tightly. Soon after his memory starts to come back, and reveals a storyline filled with mad scientists, Russians and a shady organization that may be behind it all.    StoryFirst and foremost, what makes this game good is the story and the characters - the gameplay switches b...

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