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I wonder how long that's been in the works. Not like he'll be on 2 weeks notice

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Thought I might as well join in.

Used to lift for football, nothing crazy - bench, deadlift, cleans and squat as the core exercises.

I don't play anymore so I'm idling a lot more than I'd like and my fitness has tanked. Add to that knee issues which mean that my squat is near non existent now.

Thanks for the free motivation

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Kind of surprised that Aliens v Predator from Rebellion isn't in there although x-com is a great shout.

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I totally won a thing ($10), thanks WhiskeyMedia!

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Just updated the app to add support for automatic refreshing of the feeds.

I think it'll also be compatible with google tv if you've put Honeycomb on there but I can't actually test that :)

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updated to 1.2

Now uses a nicer grid view and you can set it to automatically update every hour

updated to 1.2.2

Added background downloading and a little notification

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Bit of a necro-post but I've just updated the app.

It now uses a gridview and has better support for failed / deleted downloads

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Yeah, he said he'd be in contact

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@Eujin: design is certainly lacking (I'm too much of an engineer for any real flair) but I'll see if I can find some thing a little more pleasing to the eye