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@karthasmi: Thank you for this. Good knowledge for everyone.

Sometimes it can be as innocuous as a slightly misaligned air passageway. My girlfriend got a nighttime mouth guard to prevent nighttime grinding and suddenly her snoring and middle-of-the-night coughing fits decreased by a huge percentage. And she's healthy and lean. Now she's on invisalign and the snoring has returned. So even though a lot of people point to weight issues and even if you're in shape, get checked out.

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Welcome back home! Our weather is finally starting to pick up.

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If you haven't jumped into Final Fantasy III remakes and know Japanese (or other Dark Arts), that on NES is pretty in-depth for an 8-bit game. Dragon Warrior IV has a good reputation.

You might find some gems in this list:

I remember enjoying Little Ninja Brothers, myself.

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Priceless Drew moment:

Jeff: *Sexual innuendo remark* "See what I did there? Huh? Huhhhh?"

Rest of crew: *various feigned laughter and "Heyooooo!"s*


Drew: I don't get it.

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@meteora3255: Yeah I gotta read the interview more carefully when I have a break in my work. I knew he hightailed it out of there to start that new studio but I had assumed that SK eventually crumbled into nothingness--nary an employee nor office trash bin to be found.

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Is SK still an entity? I forgot the whole story. I can only imagine a shell entity at the most.

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@rorie If only we could get, "Quick Look: 'Is This Order Fraudulent Or Not' Game"! But then someone would watch it and figure out how to break your system.

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Ace. But I wonder if Romero will post something snarky on Twitter...

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There's already so much said about Ryan that could qualify as favorite moments for everyone, including me. I only have one indirect interaction with him and one fake interaction with him. The latter consisted of a spambot named "Ryan Davis" sending me an elegant email about "impotence m3ds". Obviously it wasn't him. I liked to think it was though. And now I really wish it was him. The former was when I first started freelancing for Gamespot. Alex Navarro assigned me Virtual Console games as my introduction to the world of getting paid to write about games, and as was Gamespot methodology (and I believe still is), the entire staff took a crack at providing feedback which Alex relayed to me over AIM. Classically, Ryan's ended with something like: "Overall, good job with your first review, newbie. Now, SCRAP IT ALL and DO IT AGAIN!"

Give 'em hell up in heaven, big guy.