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Late to the party so apologies if this has been mentioned... But I would throw a vote in for Mike Tyson's Punch-Out for pattern and tell recognition, not because that's the only or best game that does it but because that's almost all it is. That and panic management :)

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@karthasmi: Thank you for this. Good knowledge for everyone.

Sometimes it can be as innocuous as a slightly misaligned air passageway. My girlfriend got a nighttime mouth guard to prevent nighttime grinding and suddenly her snoring and middle-of-the-night coughing fits decreased by a huge percentage. And she's healthy and lean. Now she's on invisalign and the snoring has returned. So even though a lot of people point to weight issues and even if you're in shape, get checked out.

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Welcome back home! Our weather is finally starting to pick up.

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If you haven't jumped into Final Fantasy III remakes and know Japanese (or other Dark Arts), that on NES is pretty in-depth for an 8-bit game. Dragon Warrior IV has a good reputation.

You might find some gems in this list:

I remember enjoying Little Ninja Brothers, myself.

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Priceless Drew moment:

Jeff: *Sexual innuendo remark* "See what I did there? Huh? Huhhhh?"

Rest of crew: *various feigned laughter and "Heyooooo!"s*


Drew: I don't get it.

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@meteora3255: Yeah I gotta read the interview more carefully when I have a break in my work. I knew he hightailed it out of there to start that new studio but I had assumed that SK eventually crumbled into nothingness--nary an employee nor office trash bin to be found.

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Is SK still an entity? I forgot the whole story. I can only imagine a shell entity at the most.

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@rorie If only we could get, "Quick Look: 'Is This Order Fraudulent Or Not' Game"! But then someone would watch it and figure out how to break your system.

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Ace. But I wonder if Romero will post something snarky on Twitter...