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Dead Man's Gun from the end credits of Red Dead Redemption is the perfect song for that game to end on

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I thought this said Matthewmorphosis and would be a Matt Rorie-looking custom character. Needless to say I'm incredibly disappointed.

Also, I believe this counts as youtube spam

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I really only played AC3 to see how they chose to represent a Mohawk character. I'm not Mohawk, but Cree from Canada, and other than Prey (which I picked up within the last year or so for the same reason) I'd never had the opportunity to play as a Native character in a game. I actually thought that Connor's mother is a much better character than he was, seeing as how she subverts all of Haytham's/the audience's expectations of what a Native character is supposed to be, whereas Connor is yet another stoic warrior, even if he is more fleshed out than most other incarnations of that kind of character.

Much like Prey, though, Assassin's Creed sets up its science fiction so that the spirituality of the protagonist's nation (Cherokee in Prey, Mohawk in AC3) is premised on ancient contact with aliens. Not only does it imply that indigenous peoples are incapable of developing systems of understanding the world on their own, but that their knowledge was based on a profound misunderstanding of a advanced civilization. Kind of a nitpicky thing, but it bothers me anyway.

There's an encounter with a couple NPCs early on in the game where one explains to the other what an indigenous nation is, and how that differs from commonly held notions of "tribes". It was super bizarre and the guys ended up duking it out, and I think that has got to be the most memorable part of the game for me.

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Bonus damage against helicopters

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I realized today that the list of games that I've purchased on their release day is quite small, and I have pretty specific reasons for buying each game as I did. I bought Halo 3 because it was something of a cultural event. I bought Skyrim because my roommate at the time wanted to experience the midnight launch lineup (which was pretty lame). I bought Gone Home because of the hubbub and a pretty full Steam wallet due to CSGO drops. Today I bought Octodad because it looks completely ridiculous and I like the idea of being a dad. I'm fairly certain that I will buy Dark Souls 2 upon release because Dark Souls might be my favourite game ever. Why do you buy games on their release day?

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Actually, (and I have no idea how true this still is or ever was) don't they use mirrors as part of therapy for limb loss? Tricking the brain into "seeing" the missing limb apparently helps with phantom pain. I can only imagine that Hideo Kojima will reveal all of this in MGS V

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Well, that's fairly odd

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@humanity said:

Yes, as a matter of fact, the most recent AC Liberation QL did! I was looking for some cool new game to play. Black Flag was a lot of fun so I thought, maybe some more AC wouldn't be that bad? Boy, did that QL change my mind quickly. I honestly didn't even finish it, it was just that boring to watch.

I had a free code for AC3 so I finally broke down and downloaded it through Uplay. I don't know what it is, but that game is just so dull to play. I got up to that Haytham reveal and it was a struggle. Almost started skipping cutscenes altogether as I couldn't care less about what the French are doing or whatever. Maybe if I was really into that history time period but alas, it was a snooze. I thought about deleting it outright but maybe.. maybe I'll give it some more time? Everything I've heard makes it seem like the game gets worse rather than better.

I felt that it got significantly better as time went on. I was ok with the slow start because I wanted to see how they would tell the Connor story beforehand; however, that game completely shits the bed with its abrupt ending, and the out-of-Animus stuff is total nonsense. I seriously thought that I had about a quarter of the game left when I went into the mission that turned out to be the last one.

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There is baby killing in both previous Souls games. That might push you over the edge.

Well, this is the first time I'd considered that those weren't "mini-skeletons", but re-animated baby corpses. Fuck. Fuck that game is dark.

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That's a surprisingly great trailer compared to all the other ones I've seen for this game. I'm not too concerned that anything will be toned down from what I saw in Dark Souls. In all honesty, the character designs of Quelaag and Gwynevere detracted from the experience for me; I suppose Quelaag's is more forgivable for juxtaposing "sexy lady" and "spider monster", but it's not entirely necessary. If there is no similar character design in the next game I'm still onboard. And unless the ESRB considers the tail-removal mechanics to be dismemberment, nothing in Dark Souls is violent to the extreme seen in other games.