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My girlfriend makes the most incredible scrambled eggs. I don't know what she does but they're just so tasty. Whenever I make them, they just taste meh.

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This weeks podcast made me realise how much is missing from it without Vinny. Patrick also brought a lot to the site highlighting interesting games and stories from the week that I really miss.

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It was a fun pew, pew, pew action flick but it didn't really do much for me. For an Avengers movie where every other movie that Marvel release is one expensive advert for it, it felt very needless. Ultron just seemed like a crappy bad guy. I felt the same about the bad guy in Guardians of the Galaxy too. I'm pretty disappointed by Joss Weadon that he could turn out such a mediocre movie and if you're a casual fan of these movies, it really came across as confusing. At times it felt like you needed a PhD in Marvel lore.

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@khann: @ben_h: thanks for the answers duders. It says about weather in the store description but they've said that about the previous games and they were extremely limited. Super glad to hear this. This sounds amazing and a super odd thing to throw up on EA with no build up but it seems a lot of people are excited by this. I'll have to inform my dad. He was a big fan of these games back in the PSX era but he didn't really care for DiRT 2 or 3 very much. I hope Drew does a QL soon.

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Can anyone confirm different weather conditions and time of day? I seem to recall the last few games missing those.

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Japanese game development is in the toilet right now and I doubt they care because PHONES!

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Gunstar Heroes still really holds up well.

I remember loving Rocket Knight Adventures but I haven't played it since I was a kid so whether or not it still holds up is another question.

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Just an edit I did on my phone. Tried to make it look more stylised and removed the dumb fore head tattoo.

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@bane122: it's covered in the documentary. PC sales (outside of backers) was just over 100,000 but something I wasn't aware of was that they weren't paid for Costume Quest 2 because of financial issues with Majesco. Then they had a publisher cancel a game on them which forced them to fire 12 members of staff. Pretty grim end to 2014.