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Why do they want independence?

Because they want to live out Jeff's fantasy of witnessing the end of the world first hand.

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The HD collection stuff seemed like a waste with the Legacy collection that came out on PS3 but now that's pretty hard to get a hold of so... yay?

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Dan talking about college just reminds me of this song

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Might just get this to give away the codes for Extra Life donars.

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Guys! Guys! Guys!

Remember when Notch wanted to make Psychonauts 2 but bailed due to it costing too much money...

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A new iPhone!

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@amafi: The only way Apple are really ahead of other phone manufacturers at this point is in mobile chipsets. They started this "revolution"in smartphones by being the first with a capacitive screen then moved onto high resolution but now you see the likes of Samsung and LG with phones that have screens that are 1440p and their "Retina" displays have been behind the curve for a couple of years now at least. There does seem like there will be a bit of a trade off with these new phones though. The 6 having a lower resolution screen but having the same processor as the 6+ which is rendering at a higher resolution will mean that game performance should actually be better. We saw that this was the case with the iPad 3 where the higher resolution meant games were actually performing worse than the lower resolution iPad 2. The 6+ on the other hand will have a larger battery, the camera has OIS and in landscape, it'll perform much more like an iPad.

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I try to take in as much as I can but I don't really listen to any of the podcasts outside of the Bombcast and Box Office Bomb. I will also skip over QL's if either the game doesn't interest me or if the QL just seems very dull. I usually miss out on Spookin' but that's typically due to how late it's on and it's something I feel I need to either watch live or not at all. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the WoW series though seeing how I really don't care about WoW. Fuck DOTA though.

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Does this count?

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When it comes to recent games Awesomenauts springs to mind for me: