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If I can make it home before this goes live tomorrow night, I'll be resubbing.

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I'm so out of the loop on all things Warframe and Giant Bomb. I didn't even realise there was a new QL. No wonder there's been an influx of users.

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I'm going to have to play this now aren't I? *sigh*

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I've given money to an album and a couple of games but that's it. Had I known about that Megadrive book I would've backed that too. I backed Broken Age (DF Adventure at the time) simply because it was a return to form for Schafer and making a big budget, point-and-click adventure title today is extremely challenging but DF have gone back to the crowdfunding pull another 2 times since then with each being less successful.

DFA was originally envisioned to be this small scale little project that soon ballooned out of control due to the success of the KS beating its intended goal by 833%. With the much higher budget, it became a full on game and that's where the problems began. DF have never really gone into detail on what the $300,000 game would've been ($100,000 was to make the documentary) but it was probably a game written by Schafer but using an established engine, no V/O, minimal graphical work etc. DF Adventure alone is the good, the bad and the ugly which can be extended out to the company itself and how DF have gone back to the crowdfunding pool another 2 times since then. So much of it stems from the community. So many people wanted to see a new game from the guy who made Grim Fandango and Monkey Island so a lot of people put money towards it without much thinking but that attitude has changed now where people want to see something a lot more concrete rather than backing a fantasy. DF and Tim Schafer especially got a lot of hate once it became apparent that DF had spent all of the money and backers had nothing. Then there was the delay and even still, almost 3 years after the game was funded, the game isn't complete. More illwill was put toward DF as they used KS again to fund Massive Chalice which didn't see nearly as much success but still managing to beat their goal.

The real backlash against DF came with Spacebase DF-9 and it's quick release from a 0.6 alpha to a 1.0 full release despite them and the community knowing full well this game was no where near done with over 1200 negative reviews on Steam (more than half of what are positive). I do have to wonder if they're not just rushing things out the door trying to stay a float. The documentary for Broken Age revealed that if the game had sold 500,000 copies soon after release, the company would be financially stable to carry on as an independent studio but the reality is much more grim with the game selling a fraction of that. DF is a very small studio with a staff of around 60 people and this year alone have released Broken Age, Hack n' Slash, Costume Quest 2, Spacebase DF-9 and Massive Chalice is set to come out by the end of the year.

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Sega have such a rich catalogue of games they could be taking advantage of but simply don't. Releasing this certainly was a surprise so let's hope that this trend continues rather than seeing Sega's typical out put of Sonic and Aliens.

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I just wondered if anyone else other than Jeff could take a stab at it. Like how Jeff said Brad could write a review of Destiny if he wanted to. Although, I'm sure we'll get all we need from the QL and other sources if this update is really worth it to those who have already played it. I do wonder how many people actually held off from buying it the first time around and just waited as we all knew it was going to happen.

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In Jeff's review, he gave the game 5/5 stars but discussions following the review on the Bombcast certainly made it seem like Jeff had enjoyed the game much less than his review let on. That opinion also seemed shared with the others who spoke like they didn't really get much out of GTA V with complaints about the shooting, driving and some story stuff. I've only had a limited experience with the series but V was an improvement over IV for me.

I do wonder if GB will do a second review for the upcoming PS4/Xbox One releases. Rockstar looks to have added a lot so I hope to at least see it covered and the game in the first place probably shouldn't have received a perfect score if only for how bad the framerate can be.

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I started my stream last Friday but had to bail just 4 hours in and I've been busy since. I want to do a makeup day but it sort of feels like the whole excitement around the event is practically over and the people that did donate don't really seem to care if I even go ahead with it.

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Update 15 is out in a few hours. Just thought I'd put that out there.

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Final layout complete at last :D (the background does move btw)

I intended to start streaming for 10AM GMT but due to taking far too long on some final changes and making sure everything worked, I'll be starting at around 2PM GMT instead as I want to catch up on some sleep before starting.

You can watch me live @

Donate @ as well as find full details on what I'll be playing