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Sorry I couldn't make it duders. I hope we can plan something for EGX this year. I've only ever met a couple of duders and I'm pretty awkward about it. I often leave with the other person seemingly confused by our interaction.

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@mb: Meh. His budget maxes at $700, very little to work with and SSDs still cost a small fortune. For that price I'd simply go for the hybid like I said or a faster traditional drive.

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I'd say to go for this case:

I know it cuts 1/7th of your budget but a quality case is always essential. It allows for you to mod it in the future if you need to and allow for an easier build in general. If your PC is just for gaming you can go with an i5 and RAM is fairly cheap. I bought 16 gigs of really fast RAM for only £50 back in January. For the graphics card, you may want to cheap out now and buy something better down the line as games are using more RAM so I bought a GTX 770 with 4 gigs and was much cheaper than a 780 which only has minimal performance gains above it anyway.

You've probably considered an SSD but I still find them expensive for not much space. I opted to not put one in my current computer simply because I didn't want to exceed my budget. If you want higher performance, go for a hybrid drive but look for one that has more flash storage as a typical drive only has around 8 gigs of flash or buy an SSD that doesn't cut too much into your budget and pair it through raid with a traditional HDD.

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Have you considered writing into MBMBaM? They give great relationship advice.

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I can have ketchup with just about anything but if I had a steak, I love to cover it in jack Daniels sauce.

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@49th said:

Is that Benny?

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Don't be silly Lindsay, you're not relevant.

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Can you change me to a maybe? I just looked at my bank account :/